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War Of Ages interview with guitarist: Steve Brown. July 22nd. 2010.

Hey Steve. First things first. Can you give us the current lineup of the band, who does what, and ages. Also, give us a brief  history of War Of Ages?

Steve: This is War of Ages!! Steve-Lead Guitar , Leroy - Vocals, Branon - Guitar, Tj - Bass, and Alex-drums.  We started this band about 5 years ago with this line up along with extensive touring. We been on the road for quite sometime now...and we are  actually currently touring and promoting our new record Eternal on Facedown Records.  We are excited about this record because we really  truly got a chance to express what we were all feeling on this album  individually. We previously just got off tour with As i lay Dying and  Demon Hunter, and are about to head on the "Cool Tour" with As I lay  Dying ,Underoath , and Between the Buried and Me.  

Vista: "War Of Ages"...Where did that band namecome from, and what does the name represent to you, as a band, and personally {if that does apply}? 

Steve: We all chose that name because we felt that there is definitely a spiritual warfare going on in
all our lives.  Everyone has battles and struggles in their life...But its how you overcome these matters and push on which is most important. We felt War of Ages was a perfect fit for what we were all feeling as a group on this matter.

Vista: I see that you guys have a new album coming out. Give us some information on it, where was it recorded, concepts or themes, if any?

Steve: Our new album is called Eternal and it came out in April. It was recorded at Lambesis Studios in San Marcos California. We were out there pretty much all December working on it and we had a blast this time around during the writing/recording process. On the new album we really wanted to tie all of the previous albums together.  So we thought that the art work on Eternal really fit a good description on what Leroy was writing lyrically.

Vista: I wanted to ask you about your record  label, Facedown. How did you guys end up on the label & tell us  about them? 

Steve: We actually were signed to strike first records in the very beginning. Strike first was a sub level of Face down records.  We started touring  off our self titled release for a good while and we eventually got moved up to Facedown . They saw that we were serious from non stop touring
and wanted to give us that chance to move up.  I would have to say that Facedown records really helped us out in so many ways that I can't describe!  The record label owner Jason Dunn and his staff are simply just amazing people.  Its so comforting as a band  to know that you have a record label that not only helps and supports you....but believes in you.   

Vista: I'm an older guy, so I remember old  metal bands. Have you ever heard anyone say that a lot
of your album art looks like Manowar artwork? Have you ever heard  that band? Oh, the are metal, right down to their fur underwear! 

Steve: Hahaha, YES!!!!!! We have heard that before!! I definitely have  listened to some Manowar for sure!  Its so funny when I hear stuff like that. I'm a pretty big metal head myself so i get a good kick out of stuff like that. haha. 

Vista: What's the story with the "DVD"shoot? What are some details on this?
Steve: Things just really didn't pan-out the way that we really wanted them too.  Lots of things went down and it just was not at the right time for us .  Don't worry!!!! We still have all the footage!!!! So that's a very very good sign :) But we are all stoked when we can get it all worked out and release our first Dvd.
Vista: Steve, as a guitarist, who are your influences? Also, what's your background, as far as musical training?  How old were you when you began playing guitar?

Steve: My biggest influences as a musician were Stryper, Maiden, Metallica,  Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert ...and the list can go on forever . hahhah  As far as musical training goes, I learned theory when i was younger and  also practiced a lot of shredding techniques and still do.  I love learning new techniques and ideas on the guitar because its nice to
experiment and apply them into your own way.  I started playing guitar when I was about 14 years old , and drove my Dad nuts playing the same thing over and over and over again . Haha.

Vista: What are your influences...As a band? Take us back to early on, band wise. Where were you pulling influence from, as to now?  

Steve: We all pretty much individually have our own music styles that we love. T.J., Branon, and I were pretty much all into the Metal music in the very beginning.  Leroy and Alex listened to a little metal but were also a big fan of hardcore music as well. We really don't have one set band
that really influences us.  We just kinda have our own certain bands that influence us individually . I have my eighties music "Stryper" and  that's all I need !!!!!!!! Haha.  In the beginning some of us were always influenced by bands that toured a lot and put out amazing albums . Now, we just try to have fun with writing and get out what WE feel and  whatever comes out.... comes out. 

Vista: Tell us about when you've toured Europe. How many times have you guys  toured there? Also, how long was that for, countries you guys did, etc.? Also, any difference between the European hardcore scene, as opposed to here in America?

Steve:We have been out to Europe twice so far as a band. We did the Persistence Tour/Headlining dates, which was about 3 weeks and the Hell on Earth tour which was about 3 weeks as well.  I think that there is amazing support from Americans and Europeans  to be honest! Kids go nuts out
there and they just want to hang out and meet the band! Its awesome. But I do  know that there sound out there at the venues is pretty AMAZING!!!!!! 

Vista: You guys are on a fairly large, Christian record label. As a band, you guys label
yourselves, as a  Christian band. What are your thoughts on people who say Christian bands
don't have a place in the hardcore/metalcore scene? Are you guys met with this type of opposition from people, or other bands? I know back in the 90's, there was actually a really big backlash toward Cristian bands, as well as Krishna bands. What are your thoughts on this?

Steve: Everyone is entitled to there own opinion.  We don't look down on people because they may not agree with us.  We do what we feel as a band and as  brothers and not everyone is gonna agree with that.  We are stoked to be given an opportunity as a band to spread our music and message and if people don't like it or agree with....there is nothing we can do. But, we are not gonna stop writing and doing what we all love. We never  really run into that too often, and as far as bands....we usually get along really well with the bands we are on the road with for sure.  I  know back in the day the music industry was a lot  different than it is  now. It's something that really has not stopped especially on the Christian band thing...but like I said though, everyone has there own

Vista: I know that you guys constantly tour. What are some standout areas that War Of Ages have
played. Also, what has been the most memorable tour you guys have done? I'm sure it's most
likely hard to boil it down to one tour, but pick one, stand out tour? 
Steve: We used to play this venue back in the day called The Foundry.  It is located in Joplin Missouri.  The staff,  as well as all of the kids have been amazing every time we have come through the area! ! We actually still talk about it a lot on how much we miss playing there!! I think for us as far as stand out tour goes is this last tour we went on with As I Lay Dying .  It was an
amazing tour to be on especially since Eternal just came out.  Tons of 
kids and we just had a blast from beginning to end!!!

Vista: Tell us about the Facedown Fest. How many have you guys done & tell us some stuff about it?

Steve: We have played facedown fest 4  times and it has been amazing each time.  Its awesome because basically  it's a 2 day long fest of a majority of Facedown/Strikefirst  bands performing.  Tons of kids come out to support all the bands and  the turnouts are great. It's also nice to get a chance to hang out with all the bands that we really don't get to see that often because of being
on the road.  Overall the fest  is amazing and its great to know that the label puts this on each year for everyone.

Vista: What is the best metal band, to ever walk the earth? One band?!  
Steve:  STRYPER!

Vista: Thanks so much for taking the tie to do this interview Steve. Is there anything else you'd like to say?  

Steve: Come out to an upcoming show and rock out with us!!!  Thanks!!!

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