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A Traitor Like Judas interview. August 23rd. 2010.

Vista: Just basics, who's in the band & who is doin' what?

Jochen: Jasper - Vocals , Tillmann - Bass, Sören - Guitar, Kevin - Guitar, Jochen - Drums  

Vista: "A Traitor Like Judas"...Where did this name come from for the band & does the name tie into the band at all?

Joshen: A Traitor Like Judas is basically a metaphor for the egoism which obtains these days. The most people think and handle in advantage of their own profit and even would betray fellow men to stay alive. In fact the name ATLJ is a mirror image of our society! 

Vista: You guys have a new album coming out, tell us some details on this? Where was it recorded, how long did it take, how many songs & talk a little bit about the title of the album, etc.?

Jochen: The new Full Length is called Endtimes, it is going to be out on September 24th. Some of the songs you'll find on endtimes are older than one year and earlier which takes the complete "production" of the album to a really long and intensive period. We finally recorded it during october and november in the famous "Kohlekeller" near Frankfurt. it is 10 Songs long ( intro). Endtimes is basically about seeing the world facing it´s own end. 

Vista: Can you give us a brief "history" of the band, year started, ex-members, what has been released so far & what's still available?

Joschen: After A Traitor Like Judas (earlier: Parker Frisbee) was formed a few months later ATLJ released his first official CD called Poems For A Dead Man on Erdkampf Records during the year 2002. Followed by their first LP Too Desperate Too Breath In (2004) on Winter Recordings ATLJ released another 3 CDs until the upcoming LP ENDTIMES (2010/Swellcreek): Ten Angry Men - split CD with Under Siege (2004/Let It Burn Records); The Black Chronicles - Compilation for Souht America (2005/Caustic Records); Nightmare Inc. (2005/Goodlife). Before our last member Tille joined the band, we had to play many shows and tours with a lot of fill-ins. Some of these guys played later a full role role in the band or they quite do it. The last founding member who leaved the band was Dennis Thiele. He has also partly written and recorded Endtimes. 

Vista: Lyrically, what are some topics that you guys are writing about? What are your thoughts behind songs such as: "When wolves Start To Hunt" & "Unsung" lyrically?

Jochen: Endtimes is about the fall of mankind. We thought of giving the listeners a minimal expression of what state the earth is at. And even more important what mankind is heading to in the future. We refer to politcal, social, environmental grievances. 

Vista: What's going on in your area/country these days? You guys are based in Germany, what bands should we check out? Also, what is the Hardcore/Metal scene like in your area?

Jochen: You should definetly check out bands like War from a Harlots Mouth and Final Prayer. Maybe you still heard about some of there guys? Hardcorescene is also pretty sweet, check out Bands like Patsy O Hara and Just went Black! Our local scene is also growing, we have Bands like Bedlam Broke Loose or Science of Sleep.  

Vista: Do you consider A Traitor Like Judas a Hardcore band or a Metal band? I'm not saying you should label yourself one way or the other, but I'm wondering which way you consider the band leaning towards?

Jochen: I think we´ve all got Hardcore roots and Metal Skills. The Attitude is definitly strongly influenced by the Hardcorescene, or what think hardcore is about. So, speaking of the attitidude ATLJ lives, we are a Hardcoreband. But especially listening to Endtimes, we sound like a modern metalcore Band, with very melodical parts. 

Vista: As a band, who are your influences, both musically & outside of the band?

Kevin:I'm influenced by the Bands i admire the most, influenced by the world and everything in it.

Jochen: no special one! influenced by the moment.

Jasper: A lot of Singer and Songwriter stuff, like Tum Rumboldt!  

Vista: Have any of you guys been in any other bands prior to A Traitor Like Judas?

Jasper: Kevin and Jochen has been playing together for years into different bands in our local szene where we met Sören who was also clubbing with his formerly bands. Kevin was also playing the guitar for "Archway", a hardcoreband from our hometown. Jasper and Tille are part of "And still I bleed". 

Vista: What was your first introduction to the Hardcore/Metalcore scene? How old were you & what were the first bands that you were really into?

Kevin: I was about 15 years old when COMEBACK KID played in Wolfsburg, i think it was a release show for one of their early albums.

Jochen: Its hard to say which band was really the special one in the special szene. But i listen to the distortion guitar over a long time now. I currently hear bands like Ignite, For The Fallen Dreams or Misery Signals but they aren't most played on my playlist like CCR. Sören: I think it was some early AILD stuff. Today I listen to bands like Defeater, The Carrier, More than life but also Legend and old Bury your Dead. 

Vista: What are some achievements you'd like to reach with A Traitor Like Jesus? When the band first started out, were there goals just to play out & record a demo or where there always a bigger goal in mind?

Jochen: No there weren't. But with the time comes realism which shows you a way to see possibilities.

Vista: Do you guys do the band full-time or is it more of a part-time thing?

Jasper: Definitely a part-time thing. Jasper is a teacher, Kevin and Sören students, Jochen is going to work like everyone else, and Tille is also going to become a teacher. 

Vista: Outside of band commitments, what are some of your interests & hobbies?

jochen: my friends, soccer and going to work

Sören: soccer.

Vista: What is the writing process like for the band? Is there some type of set formula as for as the writing goes? Who are the main contributors to the music & lyrics?

Soren: The Music was basically written by Kevin, Jochen and our former guitarist Dan. Last year we had an intensive writing period to finish Endtimes. The lyrics we´re written by Jasper and corrected to better english by Tom Rumbold. 

Vista: What have been some stand out shows/tours that really stick out in your mind? You guys have been around for quite a while, but just thinking back, what shows really come to mind?

Jochen: Always the next one. Really! 

Vista: Thanks so much for your time to do this interview. Is there anything else you'd like to say? Also, tell us what's the best way to get in touch with the band?

Jochen: Just write us at Myspace or an email:
Weitere Infos:

We hope the english is not too bad :D
many greets and thanks,

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