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Thick As Blood interview with guitarist: Randy Gonzalez. May 30, 2010.

Vista: Hey. Can you give us a brief history of Thick As Blood? Ex & current members, year started, EVERYTHING! Also, how the hell did you guys have seven members at one time? That's almost at a Slipknot number!

Randy: We are from Miami,Fl. Started out roughly around 2005 we didn't plan on being anything serious just a bunch of friends wanting to start a band we had three singers just because we wanted all of our friends at the time to be a part of the band. We kept it a seven member band for a while we did most of our earlier tours as a seven piece, then as time went on and the band became more serious we realized having three singers wasn't really going to get us where we wanted, being a 5 piece has worked out great and here we are a few member changes and two albums later about to go tour Europe.

Vista: I see that your most recent album has been out for a bit of time now, but tell us about your most recent release, "Embrace"? Interesting title...Tell us some information about the recording of this album, lyrical topics, where was it recorded, etc.?


Randy: Embrace we feel is our first real album. We released "Moment of Truth" beforehand but that feels more like a glorified demo alot of those songs we had been playing years before we were even signed so it wasn't fresh material. "Embrace" was the first time we were really writing all new material from scratch and thus we wanted people to Embrace us for what we really where hence the title choice haha. Lyric wise I help our singer out with lyrics and we just try to stick mostly writing about personal issues and feeling but putting them in a way that people can apply to their own situations. It was recorded at The Machineshop in Weehawken,NJ with Will Putney and that was agreat experience it was our first time working with a real producer as well and they have worked with some pretty big names at that studio so that was cool.

Vista: You guys have a very aggressive style...What are you guys SO pissed at? Haha.


Randy: We just wanna rock!

Vista: Tell us a little bit about the hardcore/metalcore scene in Florida? Any decent bands people should be on the lookout for? Also, what's your local scene like?


Randy: Local scene isn't very lively we don't have a solid venue in Miami for this type of music so there only shows here once in a while. When I was younger and first getting into hardcore we had this one venue the Alley and they'd have awesome shows there every weekend, Miami is lacking something like that again. Yeah check out Knock em Dead and Vails both from Miami.

Vista: How did you guys get hooked up with Eulogy Records? Did you guys sign for 6 full lengths?


Randy: We just tried to have a buzz around us and Eulogy is from South, Fl so we eventually got their attention, nope, no 6 full lengths.

Vista: Think back to the beginning of the band. What have been some of your biggest accomplishment...So far?
Also, who were initial, direct influences to Thick As Blood?

Randy: We have been able to tour with some of the bands that have been  influential to us which answers both parts of the question, Madball and Terror.We have also had the chance of playing a tour that consisted of mostly sold out crowds every night on the tour we did back in Jan with Emmure. Now we are getting the chance to go to Europe with Every Time I die and Terror which should be another great accomplishment.

Vista: What is the writing process like for your band? Is there a formula that works best, such as...Music first, then Lyrics or vice versa?

Randy: Yeah we usually write riffs first then, complete the music, then lyrics come in to play later.

Vista: How old were you when you first started playing guitar? Also, who were some guitarists that have influenced your style? What was the first song ou ever learned on guitar?

Randy: I was about 13 maybe I just remember being in middle school I used to like Nirvana alot. I think I learned "Smells Like Teen Spirirt" first haha.Guitar players that influence me would have to be Kirk Hammet and Dimebag.

Vista: How the hell did Kid N' Play end up on your shirt!? There has to be a story surrounding this shirt!?


Randy: Haha, sadly there isn't a cool story around it, we just figured it would have been a funny shirt most kids are too young to even know what movie it's from, but they still buy it anyways.

Vista: Who's the best metal band to ever walk the earth. One band!?


Randy: Metallica!

Vista: Off the top of your head, what have been some standout shows or tour that Thick As Blood has done? Also, where are some stand out areas that you guys have played?


Randy: Most of the show on the Emmure tour we did, we played a Tattoo Convention in Miami with Madball that was great, we just played California metalfest not too long ago that was also a blast.
area wise generally Southern California is always great for us to play, Its like our second home.

Vista: I see that you guys are going to Europe in the fall of 2010. Have you guys been there before? If so, how was it compared to America?

Randy: Never been, should be amazing though

Vista: Outside of playing music & performing, what are some of your interests or hobbies?


Randy: I'm actually a big fan of running, I've ran in some road races 5k's etc., trying work on competing on some more. Our singer Gino and I also attend a boxing gym when we are home from touring.

Vista: You guys have a tough assed name, Thick As Blood. Your music could easily be the soundtrack to knocking your enemies teeth of of their face. But...My question is, what band or group are you into that would surprise us? What are some of your guilty pleasures musically?


Randy: haha, I'll jam to most radio music so you might catch me driving jamming to Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber.

Vista: Have any of you guys been in any other bands prior to, Thick As Blood?


Randy: None worth mentioning really.

Vista: That's all the questions that I have for you Randy. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Randy: Thanks for the interview. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Follow me on twitter @Randyhollywood

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