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Sum Of All Fears interview with Justin {vocals} and Kevin {bass guitar} from: The New Milford Teen Center/Connecticut. March 15th. 1996.

Vista: Basic stuff. Who's in the band & who's doing what?

Justin: I sing. Kevin plays bass. Jake plays guitar. Rob plays drums and Kevin also plays guitar.

Vista: You guys just added a second guitarist - what made you decide to do that?

Justin: Cause we did the demo and it sounded a lot fuller on some of the songs and overall, it added a lot more power to our sound.

Kevin: Even our stage presence.

Vista: Tell us a little bit about the music scene in Connecticut at the moment, and what bands should people check out if they get the chance?

Kevin: Lately the scene has been really tight because we have been close friends with bands like Tenfold and especially Fastbreak and Two By Four. There's a lot of new bands sprouting up right now right before the summer, so it's gonna be a lot of fun.

Justin: The scene is really unified now.

Kevin: It's not competitive or anything like that.

Justin: Lots of different styles and everyone just gets along great which is really cool.

Vista: How long has Sum Of All Fears been together?

Kevin: Only six months. We started in September/1995.

Vista: Where did the name for the band come from?

Kevin: The name came from a book written by an author named Tom Clancy. We just thought it was a pretty cool name. We like the name because it's different. It's a longer name and you can fit a lot under the name - like about your songs and everything. It really sums everything up about our music and it leaves wide open areas to sing about.

Vista: Sum Of All Fears have a demo out now. Is it still available? Also, tell us some stuff about it.

Justin: You can get it through Hydra Head Distribution. Rick from 25 Ta Life is distroin' it. You can get it through Stillborn Records. You can get it through us.

Kevin: The demo has four songs on it. The first four that we actually wrote. We're extremely happy with all of them cause we think they're really unique in their own way. They're really versatile songs and we're happy with them.

Vista: Being somewhat of a new band - how are you guys treated by other Connecticut bands that have been around longer?

Kevin: Even before we started playing out, they hooked us up on stage. Everyone has been giving us shout-outs all the time and everything like that.

Justin: It really helped us out a lot. We owe so much respect to them for that.

Kevin: Especially to Fastbreak and Tenfold, and to Jamey from Hatebreed for like, really getting us started. If it wasn't for them we'd still be months behind. We'd be nowhere near where we are now.

Vista: Were any of you guys in an other bands prior to being in Sum Of All Fears?

Justin: Nothing serious. We joked around and stuff. This is our first serious project.

Vista: Describe the style of music the Sum Of All Fears plays - and what do the lyrics deal with?

Kevin: The one thing we try to do is - we didn't want to try too hard. So, we think they're simplistic but we think each one of us really had a direct influence on each one of the songs. We have all different sorts of influences from different band members. Some of the musical parts - you might be able to say it sounds similar to maybe Burn, or bands like that - and then there's heavier parts that we put in. So we really bounce back and fourth in our songs. As for the lyrics, there are a lot of personal stuff that are dealing with problems - like with decisions that have to be made. But not really getting too critical, like in politics or anything like that. We basically don't have a solid stand-point. The songs aren't about straight edge. The songs aren't about veganism. They're just songs about stuff that we have to deal with.

Justin: However we feel in our everyday lives and stuff like that.

Kevin: Yeah, things we deal with. A lot of kids can relate to it which is cool.

Vista: What have been some of your main influences band-wise?

Kevin: We could go on & on. A lot of the stuff we grew up listening to was like, Burn and Gorilla Biscuits. A lot of the older stuff - plus Judge and Agnostic Front. And definitely some of the newer bands that have come out and surprised us. Bands like Madball who have been big in like, the last four years. It comes from everywhere and it's really cool how we kinda put everything together without - - - we're showing the influence but not taking too much out of it, ya know.

Vista: Where are some of the better places to play shows in Connecticut?

Kevin: Maxaluna's definitely. Contact Jamey from Hatebreed for that. He'll hook you up no matter what. The Tune Inn is always fun. We've only had the chance to play there once.

Justin: We're playing there though on April 14th {1996} with Madball, Clenser, Tyrant Trooper.

Kevin: Yeah, that's gonna be awesome. We're looking forward to that. Subzero Club is a great place to play. Contact me for shows - I'll hook you up no matter who you are.

Justin The Connecticut Bike Exchange is still doing shows. Jay from Tenfold books those shows, so get in touch with him.

Vista: What bands are you guys currently listening to?

Kevin: Fastbreak. Cornerstone. Tenfold. Hatebreed. Drowning Room.

Justin: For me, Madball. Atlas Shrugged. Converge. So many different bands.

Kevin: It comes from everywhere. We could go on & on. We're open to so many different sounds and bands. From the old fast stuff like, Wide Awake and Youth Of Today, to newer stuff like, One 4 One. One 4 One have really helped us out.

Vista: Do you guys ever do any cover-songs while playing live shows?

Justin: We do "New Direction" by Gorilla Biscuits.

Kevin: Yeah, that song gets the best reaction. We've got other cover-songs planned for the future, kinda to mix up the set a little bit and to catch people off guard. They're a lot of fun because everyone gets to participate no matter what and that's great.

Vista: What is the song "Force Fed" about?

Kevin: The song "Force Fed" comes from to points of view. It's about how - we all have to put up with a lot of things. There's a lot of people out there that scare us into doing things and manipulate us by bringing fear into our minds, like through the media and shit like that. It's also about people who don't take things into perspective. They only see it one way and like, "we can do nothing" and they just watch each other drown, basically.

Vista: What is the creating process for your songs? Is there a certain formula that works out the best for you?

Justin: It depends because Kevin and I both write lyrics for the songs. Jake and I write a lot of the guitar parts. The whole band contributes to all of the songs.

Kevin: That's the best part.

Justin: We all just sit at practice and we work out the songs all together.

Kevin: Each member really has a direct influence and you can tell that. Everything is equal and really versatile within the band.

Justin: Each person in the band has a chance to contribute and that's what kinda makes the band. Without one of the members, it wouldn't be the same band.

Kevin: It wouldn't be close to what it is. Whenever we're pissed off and we have shit to say, we write it down. We have a lot of lyrics that haven't even been worked on yet. And if it gets into the songs, then fine. It's basically how we feel at any given time.

Vista: Any new material coming out soon?

Kevin: We've got plans for a split 7inch with Tenfold. Hopefully it will be out within the next two months or so. We're recording them now.

Justin: It's on Bridge Nine Records. Yeah, that should be out this summer or late spring. It has two new songs on it. We are also working with Hydra Head Records out of Massachusetts. They're either putting out our own 7inch or a CD. Probably a 7inch.

Kevin: You will probably see that in August. We are playing the new songs out and actually if kids want, you can write to our address on the demo and we can hook them up with stuff that we're working on or whatever - just write to us and we will definitely hook everybody up.

Vista: That's all the questions that I have for you guys. Any shout-outs to anyone?

Kevin: Definitely to Vista for hooking us up with this. We really appreciate it. Like we said before, we can't thank Fastbreak and Tenfold enough. Cornerstone. One King Down and Two By Four. Jamey and Hatebreed. Drowning Room. Rick from 25 Ta Life. Dan from One 4 One. Especially Perry - -Perry has been there from the beginning, helping us out. Dragging our shit along and putting up with our shit. Especially to Bill. Crest. Carol. Carla. Serk. Ice. A.L.K. and T.M.K., all our friends that have been there. They really supported us from the beginning. Even before we started playing, they've always been there. We can't go on and on and on - there's just so many people we are really so appreciative of.

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