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Siege/Anal Cunt interview with vocalist: Seth Putman.

While getting interviews finished up for issue #5 {2010}, I got an email from this guy, Chuckie Hardcore. He asked If I'd be interested in printing {this was when I was doing the hand-held Vista Fanzine....As opposed to this sterile, online version you are viewing} this interview he had done with Seth Putman from Siege/Anal Cunt. I thought about it for about one-second & said, "HELLS YEAH"! Chuckie is a good guy & I am more than happy to hook him up with the chance to get this interview out-there for everyone to check out. Over the course of 16 years {as of this writing}...This is the only time anyone has asked me about getting an interview onto Vista Fanzine. I thought/think it is great that Chuckie reached out to me & asked. Seth Putman passed away on June 11th. 2011, he was 43 years old.

Chuckie: For years I heard some whispers that Seth Putman of AxCx has sung/screamed for Siege. Little more than three years ago a book { ? } about the history of death metal and gindcore hit some bookstores. It only lightly touched on Seth's short stint in the very influential band. It was also that very book that left me asking more questions about this pretty much unknown later part of Siege. There was even a small paragraph about his time in the group on his old website that helped to connect some dots. Still, there were gaps and lingering questions. I felt the need to ask, so I emailed Seth about doing an interview, via email...That was intended for a now defunct zine. After a few days, he replied..."O.K., But only a few questions". This is the result....Seth Putman speaking about his days in Siege.

Chuckie: What were your first thoughts when you heard Siege, for the first time?

Seth: I thought they were decent. I first heard of them while reading some fanzine in which Lars Ulrich {Metallica} said Siege was the fastes band he had ever heard {referring to the songs on the "Cleanse The Bacteria" compilation}, so I got the comp. I thought it was ok. Nothing amazing though.

Chuckie: How did you first hear them, was it a friend that introduced you to their tape, reading about them in a zine?

Seth: See above answer.

Chuckie: Did you ever see them live?

Seth: No.

Chuckie: Was Anal Cunt influenced by Siege? If so, how did it shape AxCx's sound?

Seth: No. AxCx wasn't at all influenced by Siege, or any other band for that matter.

Chuckie: How did the song "Siege" by Anal Cunt come to be?

Seth: It was just a noise song with some Siege riffs thrown into it. They were mostly parts of newer Siege songs.

Chuckie: Was that song written before or after you auditioned for the band?

Seth: After.

Chuckie: Did you know Rob Williams, or any one else from the group before you auditioned for Siege?

Seth: I met Kurt at a Rollins Band show in 1990. I told him he should get Siege back together, they would do good. I asked if I could try out one day and he said, "No, I'd probably just get the old singer back if we did it".

Chuckie: When Siege reformed in 1991 with you on vocals, did you write any of the Siege songs, or music with Robert?

Seth: Only one thing, I actually decided whether the word "streets" in the song "Cameras" should be plural, after they had a month long argument over it.

Chuckie: Is it true that Kurt changed some of the lyrics behind the bands back, and erased part of your vocals, thus adding in his to a song?

Seth: Yeah, in the song "Read, Learn, Know" he re-did a line and said, "Fight the power with your mind". Pretty gay.

Chuckie: With that supposed incident/back stabbing in the band taking place, did a rift between the others in the band form, as a result?

Seth: There was always a power struggle between Kurt and Rob. When the original singer, Kevin Mahoney came over to watch us practice once, he told me the band will never go anywhere becasue the two of them. I thought he was just jealous because they reformed the band without asking him to be in it, but it turned out to be true. He was right. It's too bad the band didn't go anywhere. We sounded awesome.

Chuckie: What did Kevin have to say about you singing, while watching you guys practice?

Seth: He seemed really jealous, because I obviously blew him away. He said as he was leaving, "If anything happens to your new singer, like a safe falls on his head, give me a call".

Chuckie: When and why did Hank leave the band

Seth: He left after the first show we did when the band reformed. I think it was because he was sick of how it was going. I'm not 100% positive about that though. I don't really remember.

Chuckie: How did it feel having only two original members in the band, for that very short stint?

Seth: It wasn't too bad, at least we still had the drummer and guitarist.

Chuckie: The names, Jim Hobbs {a saxophonist} and Chris Joyce {guitarist} comes up in the Siege name for some reason?

Seth: That's probably because they are in a band with Rob Williams {and me too} called, "Deaths Head Quartet".

Chuckie: How did the song "Cameras" survive that doomed demo...Later to appear on the, "13 Bands That Think You're Gay" LP Comp?

Seth: I had a tape of the song and asked Robert if I could use it, he said "Yes". Robert and me were going to remix the whole session of all the songs & bootleg it. But when I brought the reel to the studio, it was all fucked and wrapped sounding, because Kurt never paid the guys who recorded it. They had it stored badly, so it got ruined.

Chuckie: Did you have anything to do with the Relapse Records release of the "Drop Dead" cassette tape?

Seth: I knew the people at Relapse and asked them if they wanted to release it officially. They said "Yes" and that was that. The three guys {Kurt, Rob, and Hank} each got six hundred dollars advance and I got two hundred dollars, because I bought the shitty reels from the session I sang on, which only cost two hundred dollars. They didn't give Kevin anything. 

Chuckie: How did people react at gigs to you doing the vocals for Siege?

Seth: Pretty good.

Chuckie: What bands did Siege play with?

Seth: When I was in the band...Sloppy Seconds and Toe Tag. In the old Last Rights {the only show they ever did}...D.Y.S., Deep Wound, T.S.O.L., Post Mortem, Cancerous Growth, etc.

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