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Section 8 interview with: Kasey {Vocals}. Tim {Drums}. Drew {Guitarist}. 1996.

*This interview was done in 1996....At the QE2 {club}. Albany, New York.

Vista: Who's in the band & who's doing what?

Tim: Kasey sings. Drew plays guitar, Mike plays bass and Tim on drums.

Vista: How long has the band been together?

Drew: A year and a half.

Vista: Any specific meaning behind the band name, Section 8?

Tim: It's a military discharge for being insane. It kinda just fit us, our style.

Kasey: We had a bunch of other names. We all kinda voted on that one and that's about it. It's kind of a catchy name. I like it. We all voted on it.

Vista: For people out there that have never heard Section 8 -  how would you describe the style of music that you guy are doing?

Kasey: Anywhere from Black Sabbath to death metal. We try to take any kind of influence we can grab at, ya know. You might even hear some blues stuff by us - you never know. We had a review of our band that put it as "trick music". So you might hear the heaviest riff in the world and then it will go into a blues riff. So we're just gonna keep changing and changing because --- one thing I believe, and I won't babble on too long but any band that cannot stay innovative, ya know, I can't listen to them. You gotta keep changing.

Vista: What do the lyrics deal with and is there any message that you guys as a band want to bring out?

Kasey: In a way a lot of people, I don't know if they perceive us as negative. Some of my lyrics talk about, just watch what you put your beliefs into. Check into everything. Personally, I've had some strong beliefs in religion and I've been betrayed by that. A lot of it is about betrayal in being betrayed. Being left by certain things - - - lost loved ones. I think anybody can relate to that, ya know. And they feel those emotions. In a way it's kinda positive because they get to come see us. They get to feel whatever I'm talking about. One of the best feelings in the world is to see - - - like tonight, just like hundreds of people or whatever, just screaming what I wrote. And that means they relate, ya know. And in a way it's good because they're not going out and beating the crap out of people. They're here. They're dancing. They're letting out aggression. It's kinda like a give & take. I give, they take. They let out.

Drew. Plus, it's no debatable topics. It's not like we take sides on like, do drugs or do whatever you fuckin' wanna do. Go do it and be happy. But don't preach to us, ya know. Just believe in what you believe in and be happy with that. Don't try to push it amongst others.

Kasey: A famous man said, "do what thou will".

Vista: I'm really interested in the lyrics to the song "Nightfall". The lyrics are kinda abstract. What are the lyrics dealing with?

Kasey: There's a lot of meaning to it...Um, it actually has to do a lot with me personally, the loss of my mom. And family members like that. Like I said, putting faith in something like God...Is a scary thing to anybody when they lose a loved one, ya know. One might as oneself, where is God when this type of crap happens to me? That has a lot to do with that. A lot.

Vista: You guys have a CD available. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Tim: It's a six song E.P..We put it out ourselves. It's called "Pain Is Truth". You can get it through the mail.

Drew: And we like it because we did it ourselves. No help from anyone else. We raised the money to do it.

Vista: What have been some of the best shows that Section 8 has played that sticks out in your mind?

Drew: Probably Tree and Autumn & us at the QE2.

Kasey: I think that one of our best shows was probably November 25th {1995} with Hatebreed and Cutthroat. The last show we played.

Vista: Tell us a little bit about the hardcore scene here in Albany. Is it good or bad? Strong or weak?

Tim: It's growing.

Kasey: It's definitely one thing I do love about the scene in Albany, ya know, when we have shows at the QE2 here --- you're gonna notice that like, probably since even the old days, I'm probably one of the oldest people that come here believe it or not. And it's great to look at new faces and when you can have a scene that's protected by maybe 80 kids, ya know. And if you noticed there wasn't really too many bouncers here. Nobody really being dickheads. Once in awhile there will be a fight, ya know, that's gonna happen but the kids take care of this place. If you get a tough-guy in here, there's gonna be 30 guys on that guy just ripping him outta here. We want to preserve the scene. I've heard about a lot of areas where it's just dying, ya know.

Tim: Actually, I didn't know this until a couple of people told me this, like I've talked to other bands and everyone thinks Albany is kind of a tough-guy scene. Just because they dance hard here. But like he said, it's all like a family. If you start coming here you will feel welcomed. Like a family.

Vista: Ultimately, what does Section 8 as a band want to accomplish?

Drew: I never thought we'd accomplish as much as we accomplished. If it ended tomorrow, I'd be satisfied. I don't know about the rest of the band.

Kasey: Personally for me, I'm 23 years old now. I've been in and out of bands probably since I was 16. One thing to me, it's a giant adrenaline ride that I don't want to stop. I wanna do this till the day I friggin' die. I don't care about getting signed. That would be beautiful, ya know, me getting signed - - - God willing we ever do. A lot of people say, "ohh, they're gonna get signed". One thing I want to say right now --- there's a big difference between a sell-out and a band that gets signed. A sell-out is someone who gets signed on a major label and forgets all the people who brought them there. To me, to sign on any kind of label, maybe someday a major one - - - would mean recording for free and getting paid and getting supported for doing something we all love. And never forgetting. Still seeing the faces, like when you start out playing in front of 10 people. Still remembering those faces. Still going out in the crowd and giving homage to them. That's what it means to me. I just don't want this ride to stop. And if it does than I'll find another ride, so. That's the way it is. I'm not gonna stop. I don't think any of us would.

Vista: What bands have influenced you guys the most to actually pick up an instrument and actually want to play?

Drew: I'd have to say when I was younger, when I was first starting to ply guitar I listened to a lot of Metallica. I don't know if that influenced in my music. People always say the style I play is like Sabbath or something. I've never really been like, really into Black Sabbath. I've got like one Sabbath CD.

Tim: Not band-wise but influence - - - when I was younger, my dad always listened to - - - whatever you wanna call it, hard-rock. So, when I was little I was always listening to Zeppelin and all that stuff. So that probably helped. I mean, I still listen to metal more than hardcore.

Kasey: My influence...Man, I don't even know where to begin. I started off when I was really, really young listening to anywhere from old Mercyful Fate - - - a lot of punk rock. Decendents. Misfits. Glen Danzig. You probably hear a little bit of it come out of me. I don't try to sound like the guy but it's just the way I learned how to sing, ya know, always singing along to that stuff, old metal. Music became my life at an early age. I have so many influences. In one day I'll listen to anything from Beethoven, Peter Gabriel - - - Talking Heads, to like Cannibal Corpse and Faith No More. So, to me like again, to satay diversified and to be able to do all that with my voice, ya know, I don't know who to thank.

Vista: Vocally, do you get compared to the singer from Life Of Agony? Is that good or bad?

Kasey: In a way it's kinda cool but in a way it kinda pisses me off, because I actually was very good friends with Keith Caputo a long time ago. I mean, I'll say this out loud --- they sold out. There was me and three other people who totally promoted them in this area when they first came out and yeah, the guy has a great voice but I think on the same token to be compared just to him would be wrong because of like I said, just the diversity of what I do. I don't hear Keith Caputo doing death growls and getting into harder stuff now. In a way, I guess it's a compliment and in a way it's like an insult.

Vista: What bands are you guys currently listening to?

Kasey: New and old Eyehategod. A lot of death metal. The new Mr. Bungle. The new Faith No More is incredible. I gotta thank the first music I got into - - - classical. Beethoven. Check hi out!!!

Drew: Mr. Bungle. Starkweather. Tool. Ringworm - - - they should have never broken up.

Tim: Black Sabbath. A lot of metal. Cannibal Corpse. Eyehategod. Iron Maiden. Assuck. King Diamond. Into Another. Withstand. Leeway. Tori Amos.

Vista: Which local bands from Albany should we check out?

Tim: One King Down. Withstand. Stigmata.

Drew: Cutthroat. Straight Jacket  - - - they're fuckin' sick.

Vista: Where are some of the better places to play shows here in the Albany area?

Drew: The best place to play is the QE2. Bogies is good.

Vista: What merchandise do you guys have available?

Tim: We have a 6 song CD available and very soon we'll have long sleeve shirts available.

Vista: Anything else you'd like to say?

Drew: Come visit us in Albany.

Tim: Thanks to all the bands that we've played with, and all the bands that have been cool, like Hatebreed. Thanks to Withstand. They've always been cool to us. Also, if any bands can get us shows in different areas, we can help you up here in Albany.

Kasey: There is one thing I do want to say. As a band we will never say we're better than anybody else. To become the best at what you do is a personal struggle and I think we are the best at what we do. That's not pompous, I don't think. And I want to portray the fact that we did this ourselves. We worked very hard and the people tht have helped us along the way, we will not forget. It just goes to show that if you start a band nowadays because you want to get signed, forget it. If you start a band nowadays for a popularity contest, forget it. Do it because you love music. And I know we all love music. That's about it.

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