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Section 8 interview with drummer: Tim Parent. August 25th. 2011.

Section 8 interview with drummer: Tim Parent. August 25th. 2011.

Vista: Hey Tim. Can you give us a history of Section 8? Year started. How the band first came together. Who was in the band & who did what? How old were you guys? Also, over the entire existence of the band, did you guys ever have any band member changes?

Tim: Wow, ummmm 94' I think? We were pretty young, still in high school when we started. Drew-Guitar Mike-Low end Kasey-lyrics & vox Tim-Drums. Myself, Mike & Drew played for a bit until we recruited Kasey, But when we came together as Section 8 that's how it stayed. Mike & myself played earlier together as well, but the 3 of us went to school together.

Vista: When did you first start playing drums? What year was that?  How old were you & did you play an instrument in school? Did you take formal lessons or were you self-taught?

Tim: Wow, I'm not quite sure of when, my parents got me a "drumset" when I was young for Christmas, I believe...But I don't think I started to really play until like 15, maybe? No lessons {I wish I did}. Just learned by ear/eyes.

Vista: I know Section 8 officially released two Cd's. Were both of these Cd's self-released by the band? How many were pressed of each release?

Tim: You're stumping me here!!!! Hahahaha. Yes, both discs were self-released. I think we were lucky in that aspect that we were able to do it ourselves, musically & monetarily. 1st cd was 1,500 initial pressing. Then it really started to sell, so the place where we recorded it pressed up another 1,500-, 2,000 of them. Then years later they all sold, and I was working at an independent record store {Music Shack} and people would constantly ask for it or call for it, so the owner pressed up another 2,500 or so. The 2nd cd was 5,000 pressed. We disbanded a few years after that.

Vista: When the band was really active, from my perspective there were literally no bands out there that were mixing the style Section 8 did. The 90's hardcore scene was primarily overly  political & socially conscience yet you guys went in a completely different direction lyrically & also musically considering the vast majority of bands were playing "chug" core and old-school style. From your perspective, how were you perceived as a band? Did you feel kids just didn't "get" what you were doing? Was it difficult or frustrating? Or was that part of the fun?

Tim: I think people like it, I mean we always packed 'em in. Maybe cause it was something a little bit different than kids were use to? Definitely part of the fun. We always joked around & had fun with everything we did...Never took ourselves too serious. It was always fun to play out-of-town and go on like second and have the crowd like us better than the headline act.

Vista: I wanted to ask you about the front cover artwork for both Cd's. For "Pain Is Truth", where did that artwork come from? Is it an original piece specifically drawn from the band? And in that artwork for "Pain Is Truth", is that a drawing of Albert Fish {serial killer} in the box? Also, foolishly, on the "Nine Ways To Say I Love You" front cover picture...For the longest time I thought that was Kasey{Section 8 vocalist} on the front!? It isn't though? Who the hell is that guy?

Tim: "Pain Is Truth"...We kinda "stole" the picture. We never had permission to use it. It was done by an artist named, R.K. Sloan & it was done in '92. He was a very twisted artist. His pictures were warped and most of the time had a clown, or a serial killer reference. Yes, it was Albert Fish. Hahaha. Yeah, "9 Ways"...We put together an idea that I came up with. It was an apartment where Drew lived. We got all the props & had a friend, Peterson Cross come over to help out. He use to dress that way often. He had an odd way about him, but a truly nice guy. So, that was him on the front and back cover. I think he does tattoos now. He was a great artist.

Vista: I thought the "Pain Is Truth" Cd was recorded pretty well but when "Nine Ways" came out, the recording & production was a marked improvement. You can also tell the band seemed to be way more confident in the music & even the vocals were textured very well. Where were both Cd's recorded & thinking back all these years later, how much time was spent in the studio per Cd? Which Cd did you like more?

Tim: Hahaha...Well, "9 Ways" is better. I haven't listened to "Pain" in a loooong time. It sounded like shit, but people like that cd for some reason. "Pain" was done in a basement studio, I can't even remember how long it took to be honest. "9 Ways" was recorded at Sweetfish in Argyle N.Y., analog baby!!! The way it was meant to be. I remember that recording being done fairly quick, like a weekend or two maybe? Ya know, I haven't a clue, so I could be wrong...Hahaha, it has been awhile since I thought about it!!!

Vista: The Albany hardcore scene back in the 90's was pretty diverse from what I remember. You had One king Down, Straight Jacket, War Time Manner, Section 8, Stigmata, Withstand, Skinless...And there were a bunch more! Just the above mentioned is enough to support a big scene. From your memory...Did you feel there something special happening in your area? Also, there were a bunch of really good clubs there. Qe2. Bogies. Valentine's. Thoughts?

Tim: Yes, I agree with that statement. All those bands kicked ass & we were all friends. I mean, for me it was special. I was fortunate to be part of something like that. It was an every weekend thing. That's what we would do...Watch bands & bullshit with friends. Again yeah, really good clubs. We also had Ted {show promoter of most Albany area shows} who brought a lot of out of the area bands, so for some of them it was like a home as well. It sounds corny but we were all like a family, a big dysfunctional family. We all looked out for one another.

Vista: How were Section 8 songs constructed? Did you guys have a set formula as far as: music first-then lyrics or vice-versa? Musically, was it a collaborative effort or did certain members come to practice with full-songs or large portions of material all ready to go?

Tim: Well, I don't think we had a set formula. We just went with it, an idea...If it flowed and we liked it, we went tried it. It was fun for us to create and I think we all just did what we thought was "right". There's no rule book on this stuff as far as I'm concerned. Definitely a collaboration, sometimes Drew or Mike would have a great outline or maybe even something almost done and like a skeleton we just added to it and built it & taught it to walk. If I remember, it was usually music first. Kasey always had a ton of words. He had a book of poems & writings so he was quick to jump in if he felt something. I remember one song pretty well. Mike got pissed off real bad one time and left practice, he later returned with "Nightfall" pretty much written. It was awesome.

Vista: Lyrically, was that Kasey's vision or did you guys all work on lyrics & vocal patterns?

Tim: Yes, All lyrics were Kasey. He was gifted with the way he wrote, I felt. I think he would 99% of the time come up with a melody or phrasing as well. I mean, if one of us had an idea we would share it and go from there.

Vista: Did Section 8 ever do any cover-songs in a live setting, or even at practice just fooling around with stuff? If so, what did you guys do?

Tim: Yes we did, good question. We did a Sabbath cover live a few times, "Into The Void". We learned a Men Without Hats cover of "Safety Dance", but never did it live. I think we screwed around with a Faith No More cover as well. We always wanted to open a show with "138" by Misfits, but change it to..."We Areeeee Section 8/We likeeeeeee girls underage"...It woulda been brilliant!!

Vista: Who were direct influences to Section 8? I know it is a long time ago...But when you guys first started, what bands did you guys look at as influence?

Tim: Oh boy...Wow...Maybe The Partridge Family?

Vista: Why did the band break-up? What year was that & was there even a "final" show? If so..I'm gonna be pissed cause I have no memory of a final show? If there was a final show, where was it & how was it & who else played the final show? It seemed like as a band, you guys were on a serious upswing when the band came to an end? Were you surprised or disappointed or was it just time to move-on?

Tim: Ya know, if anyone else were to ask I'd say it's not up for discussion, but since it's you...There was NEVER a final show. I do remember our last show was with good friends, Overcast at Valentines. Well, Mike was big into modeling, so he followed his heart and went to ANDORRA and became a huge model over there. Also, Drew wanted to research the Bunyip, he was free to pursue that now that Mike left. Because of this I developed a bad addiction to EUCALYPTUS at the time, so it was hard to continue. That's all I have to say about that....

Vista: After the break-up of the band, did you guys move onto any other projects during that time era? I know Kasey had a band called "Ill Remembered". What about the other guys?

Tim: Drew and I jammed with Sherwood from Skinless and created "The Violence Sequence". They were fantastic. I still listen to them.

Vista: Do you have a favorite Section 8 song that you enjoyed playing live? Pick 2 or 3 that really stick out as your favorites?

Tim: Wow. My memory is shot...Maybe "Silence In The Grave". Oh wait...Maybe...Ummmm...

Vista: I know that you have a new band going these days. Talk a little bit about what you have going on? Has this band done any recording and have you guys played any live shows? Describe the style your current project is doing?

Tim: Yeah, we're jamming, kinda in limbo. We don't really have a singer. We did record 5 songs, hopefully we can hear it before we disband. No shows, we have just been having fun playing METAL!! I would say "classic metal" with some updating, not that "NU" shit people call metal. I'm talking straight up metal in your face with blasting solos all over, done by Mingenator himself! We hope to melt faces sometime soon.

Vista: Growing up as a kid what bands were you into? What band first grabbed your attention? Also, what was the first concert you ever went to & how old were you?

Tim: I was into a lot of metal: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rush. I listened to a lot of Rush. Van Halen, Alice In Chains, Faith No More, King Diamond, Anthrax, Testament, Obituary, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Dangerous Toys. I would probably say, Metallica/Ride The Lightning...When I first heard that, I was like..."Wow"!! My first official concert was, I think 1982...My Dad took me to see Kiss & Night Ranger!!!! I was so young, I fell asleep, but my Dad woke me up during the drum solo!

17. What was your first introduction to the hardcore scene? First "core" show & what year was that?

Tim: Wow ...Waaaaaay back. Maybe a Fugazi show...Or Into Another. Ummm, I can't remember, I'm guessing 1990. Wow...I'm thinking either Saratoga Winners {club} or South Troy Comm Center. Maybe L.O.A {Life Of Agony}. Shit bro, I'm drawing a blank.

Vista: Top 10 favorite bands/albums of all-time? It doesn't matter what genre of music...Just your  all time favorites?

Tim: Ok, this is tuff. I hope you have room. You said 10, but...Hahah, in no order:
1. Black Sabbath -- Self Titled, Masters of Reality, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath...Again, can't pick!
2. Baroness -- Red Album.
3. King Diamond -- Abigail/Them.
4. Tool -- Aenima.
5. Remy Zero -- Villa Elaine.
6. Led Zeppelin -- 1 & 2/Physical Graffiti...Again, can't pick.
7. Motley Crue -- Too Fast For Love/Shout At The Devil.
8. Kyuss -- Welcome To Sky Valley.
9. Mastodon -- Crack The Skye.
10. Acid Bath -- When he Kite String Pops.
11. Dax Riggs -- We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love.
 * Starkweather -- Crossbearer.
 * Entombed -- Morning Star.
 * Buckethead -- Colma.
 * Thin Lizzy -- Live & Dangerous.
 * Metallica -- ...And Justice For All.

Vista: Were there any Section 8 songs that never got recorded? Any titles?

Tim: Yes, there were. One called, "Despair". And I'm not sure if the other one had a title.

Vista: While in Section 8...Is there one or two shows that stick out the most in your memory? Besides shows are what are your thoughts on the band...As a whole? Do you feel you accomplished every thing you wanted to do with the band?

Tim: Ya know, we had so many shows, many good times...I think one in Poughkeepsie {The Chance} actually stands out. My thoughts, I feel lucky to be part of something that people seem to enjoy, as well as playing with Mike, Drew & Jann. I am not sure we set out to do anything. Maybe write good song...We were so young, so we were not sure of anything that we did...I think we just did what we felt was "right" at the time.

Vista: Are you at all involved in the hardcore scene these days? If so...Any bands out there that you like as far as local bands?

Tim: Ya know, I wish I could say "Yes"...But I really am outta touch with it. I couldn't even name off a band. God, I'm old!!!!

Vista: Tim. Thanks so much for your time. I appreciate it. I look back on many memories of the Albany hardcore scene & I loved every time I went there. I thought the scene was pretty tight...And as an out of the area guy coming into a different city, people seemed open & really accepting. And the greatest aspects of the hardcore scene is the friendships we make. 16 years later & I am glad to call you my friend. Any final thoughts & anything you'd like to say to fans of Section 8?

Tim: I agree with what you just said...Thank you for still giving a shit, hahaa. I do thank all who still listen to Section 8...It is fascinating that people still carry the torch. And for that I thank you!!! Great to re-connect with yourself as well. Thanks again. Eat more pussy!

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