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Purification interview with Guitarist: Andrea and Vocalist: Matteo. 2010.

Vista: First question, who's in the band & who does what?

Andrea: The current line-up is:
Andrea “Monster”: guitar
Emiliano “Frusinate”: guitar
Matteo “Cumenda”: vocals
For live shows we’ll have fill-in musician at the bass and drums

Vista: Can you give us a history of the band? Year started, ex-members, what have you guys released so far & what's still available?

Andrea: Me and Maurizio, our former singer, had the idea of starting a vegan SxE band in 1995, but since we were both busy with other bands at the time, we started the band one year later, in the summer of 1996. Basically the band was always me doing guitars and writing the music and Maurizio doing the lyrics, we changed soo many drummers and bassists (all vegan sxe of course)that I barely remember their names. We recorded a demo called “Arkangel” during the summer of 96 and our first 7” in the winter of the same year that was released by Catalyst records in the States and Surrounded Records (our own label) in Europe. After our 7” we released a 7 songs EP, a split cd with english band Unborn and a full length on Uprising Records. We were part of several vegan sxe compilations and we had our discography released in Japan and South America too.
I guess that most of our stuff is sold-out but you can still find it on ebay.

You can have long and complete info about this here:

Vista: Andrea, as a guitarist...Who are your influences? How old were you when you first started playing guitar? Also, what was the first song that you learned on guitar?

Andrea: Since I am only into rhythm guitar I would say that my major influences were and still are Slayer and early Metallica, in general all the thrash music from the eighties and early nineties. I started playing guitar when I was 15 y.o. and the first song I learned was Metallica’s “Fade To Black” I guess.

Vista: Tell us about your new release, "Banging The Drums Of War"? Is this a re-release? How many songs are on this & are there extra songs?

Andrea: We’ll have a re-issue version of our old CD “Banging the drums of war” (previously released by Uprising Records in 2004) due to be out this summer on Hurry Up! Records. The new version has a new lay-out as well as 2 new bonus tracks that we recorded early this year.

Vista: Give us some thoughts on the Hardcore/Metalcore scene from your area? You guys are from Roma, Italy...Are there any bands we should check out?

Andrea: Honestly I have no clue of what’s going on in the scene right now, I used to be involved back in the days but nowadays I don’t go to shows anymore.
I think that now in Rome the screamo and indie scene are taking over, the whole “emo” trend is pretty big here.

Vista: "Purification"...Where did the band name come from & what does the name represent to you, as a band?

Andrea: I came up with the name in 96 because I wanted and hard hitting moniker for the band, I wanted also a name that could have a big impact onto the weak minds. I guess that the result was successful ;-)

Vista: As far as the new CD...How did it come about that you guys are on three record labels? Is it just a matter of distribution? Give us some information on which labels are doing what format for this release?

Andrea: Hurry Up! Records will release the CD worldwide, Pee Records will do it for Australia and New Zealand and Self true Records will do it for the Russian Territory.
We decided to go with 3 labels to have a bigger coverage.

Vista: Speaking of record labels...I was checking the "Hurry Up! Records" myspace site & there is a bit of a biography of Purification & it says something about "while some people would think we a doing a mistake, or that we are doing it for money, or that hate us for some reason..." Has there been a backlash to the band reforming with different band members? What has the response been, good & bad, for the band returning?

Andrea: Most of the feedback's were positives, we had just few shit talkers on the internet that tried to spread false rumors about us, but they failed on their purpose!
Btw we wanted to make that kind of “Official statement” we did to be clear from the start, Purification was never about money, we barely managed to be on the break-even point in 10 years of our career, we just love to play live, travel and see the world while promoting a cruelty-free life style.

Vista: I didn't realize this, but Purification has toured America many years ago? How long was this tour & what Sates do you guys play here? What memories stick out the most during this time era?

Andrea: We have been there twice, first time we came only for a festival in Erie (PA) in January 2004, then we came back in the summer of 2004 for a whole tour and we played some big cities like: N.Y., Chicago, L.A., Seattle, Portland and Salt lake city. Btw the tour had a poor and unprofessional organization so my memories are not the greatest about it. At least was fun to travel around a wonderful country like USA.

Vista: Matteo, in the past you played Bass guitar & now you are singing in the band. How has the transition been? Do you prefer singing to playing Bass?

Matteo: I've started being a singer for a more melodic old school HC band called OVERSTATE ( with my Brazilian friends about 5 years ago. Obviously it is way less extreme stuff than Purification, but it is where I built my background and got more confidence with the mic. I find it pretty fun as playing bass, maybe giving you little less stress but equally amazing, each one has its good and bad points. I would say that what's best for me is singing for a band I can write lyrics for or filling in at bass like I did for Bane or Shipwreck AD, they are equally super amazing things to me.

Vista: As a vocalist, who are some of your influences? Are there any singers out there that you have looked to as an influence?

Matteo: As you noticed in the new songs, the voice is cleaner and less pushed as when it was with Maurizio, we chose to go that way this time and I hope kids will be into it, but live it will probably sound more screamed. Zao's, Bleeding Through's and Strife's are singers I like a lot style-wise, especially the very high-pitch and powerful voice of Dan Weyandt from Zao is something I've always been into. I would say that something between Trial and Terror could be the reference for the recording we recently did.

Vista: Lyrically, what are some topics/issues that the band is bringing to the listener?

Matteo: Purification has always dealt with social and political issues connected with a Vegan Straight Edge mentality, most of the times taking a very clear yet uncomfortable position but following a personal and thoughtful line dropping all stereotypes of parties. With the change at the vocals and lyrics writing, I've tried to keep on the same idea behind it, obviously Maurizio has a different style and my lyrics tent to be more straight to a point and simple, but they deal with lot of issues from World poverty to Animal Liberation, to the Banks and Money thirst holding this world in constant instability, to the oil wars all around the globe, to the selfish and anthropocentric attitude our humanity has, to focusing on trying to make a change and revert they way we are moving, to step up for the voiceless and for the oppressed and plenty more.

Vista: What are your thoughts on the current Hardcore/Metalcore scene these days, overall? I asked you earlier about your thoughts on your local scene, but what are your thoughts on the scene, as a whole? Is it good, bad or the shits!?

Andrea: As I told you previously I don’t know anything about the local scene but I am pretty aware of what going on in the hxc scene out side Rome and Italy I would say
I keep my self informed through messages boards, websites, labels, and stuff like that.
The scene today is totally different from the nineties, every band now kicks and crawls to get ahead, everyone wants to sign for a big label and tour full time, but just very few bands are able to make it while the most are just going to fail in 6 months. Back in the days there was also more quality within the bands while right now you have soooo many bands playing this music but only few are worth it.And there’s also a huge lack of originality, seems like every fucking band out there is following the “next big thing” once is the screamo shit, then it’s the death-core bree bree style…c’mon guys give me a break with all this crap lol

Vista: I know that you guys have a song with Karl/Earth Crisis called, "Afraid Of This World". How did this collaboration come about? Where & when did Karl do the vocals? Also, tell us some thoughts behind this song, lyrically?

Andrea: Karl is an old friend of us, we were in touch with him since the early days of Earth Crisis, at that time we use to touch basis through regular mail since there was no internet.We always wanted to have him to sing for us and the opportunity came when we signed for Uprising records, the label owned by Sean of Vegan Reich which is also good friend with Karl. We sent him the track and he recorded the vocals in Syracuse and then send the whole stuff back to us, everything went really smooth since is a pro singer.
 The song deals with the degeneration of the modern society we live in, the lack of morals and ethics and it’s clear in that line: “women sells their body in the street…and children dying without even being born”. Enough said I guess.

Vista: You guys a very vocal about organizations that you support, give us some thoughts & reasoning on those groups/organizations?

Matteo: There are a lot of organizations that need support and a better visibility, the first couple that come to my mind are Sea Shepherd and Earth First, made of people who give themselves and their entire lives to make this world a decent place, trying to correct the errors humanity does and to preserve the nature and life over greed and profits, either on open sea or directly on Earth. The Animal Liberation Front is also another great organization that with direct action helps to liberate the oppressed animals from the pointless human slaughter. And the list goes on and on, there are many others that this space wouldn't be enough to grant a decent exposure to. If you want to know more about it, feel free to write us.

Vista: What was your first exposure to Punk/Hardcore? How old were you & what bands really grabbed your attention?

Andrea: I was into metal when I was a kid but I could never rely that much into the lyrics of the bands I used to listen, all that satanist bullshit or negative outlook on life really disappointed me. When I was exposed to hxc and especially to the early sxe bands I was 15 years old and I knew since day one that this music and attitude would fit perfectly for me. Like most of the hxc kids in Rome I used to go to and old school record store that was the first here to sell sxe stuff (youth of today, etc.) that store was full of flyers of people seeking members for hxc bands and stuff like that, it all started from that small and rusty record store in Rome ;-)

Vista: What are some plans for Purification, for the future? Will you guys be touring & recording/writing soon?

Andrea: We’ll play a Reunion tour in the summer-time and we’ll appear also at some of the most important festivals in Europe like Fluff Fest, Ieper Fest, Burning Season Fest.
After that nothing is planned, we are all in our late thirties, some of us have wifes and full time job and is really difficult to think about being back at full force with the band. We’ll see what future brings btw.

Vista: Who and/or where did you guys get the artwork for the, "Banging The Drums Of War" album cover?

Matteo: The original cover was done by a US company called Guerrilla Digital at the time the CD was released by Uprising Records, the re-issue cover has been done in the pure DIY style, I put together the artwork myself!

Vista: You guys are obviously influenced by Metal bands, so I'll ask...In your opinion, what are the best, top 5 Metal bands/albums of all-time?

Slayer: Reing in blood
Metallica: Kill em all, Ride the lighting, Master of puppets
Iron Maiden: first and second LP
In no particular order I guess.

Vista: That's all the questions that I got for guys. Thanks a lot for taking the tie to do this interview. Best of luck with everything! Is there anything else that you'd like to say? Also, what is the best way to get in touch with the band?

Andrea: Thanx to you John!!

The best way to be updated with what’s going on with Purification is to check us online here:

For any questions you can write to:
 We will be glad to answer you.
 Stay clean, stay positive, go vegan!!!

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