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One King Down interview with guitarist: Michael. 1995.

*This interview was done with Michael {guitarist} in 1995. This interview was done through the mail. Check this out...At this time, ONE KING DOWN only had a demo tape out. This interview was done many  years prior to them signing to Equal Vision Records. Amazing that Michael was STILL in high school at the time. Time passes by quick! Here we go...


VISTA: What is the current line~up of ONE KING DOWN, and who does what?

Michael:  Rod Fusco....Vocals.
             Michael Scoville....Guitar.
             Matt Wood...Guitar.
             Bill Scoville....Bass.
             Derrick Van Wie....Drums.

VISTA: You guys have a new singer, what happened to the other guy?

Michael: Rod Fusco is our new singer. We picked him up in March. He was a friend of our old singer, Bill Brown, who had to leave the area due to some trouble with the police.

VISTA: Where did the name, ONE KING DOWN come from?

Michael: Derrick thought of the name. It has no real meaning, it just sounded cool to us. We had to change our nae from DROWN to ONE KING DOWN, after Electra {record label} put out an album by an industrial band, named DROWN.

VISTA: How long has ONE KING DOWN been together and how did the band come about & form?

Michael: ONE KING DOWN formed in February, 1994, after a few line~up changes with DROWN.

VISTA: ONE KING DOWN is based out of Albany NY. What is the scene like up there and what bands should we keep our eyes out for?

Michael: The scene in Albany is really big, but ONE KING DOWN is the only straight edge band in the area. Some bands to look out for are, SECTION 8, STIGMATA, and WITHSTAND.

VISTA: Just out of curiosity, are you guys all straight edge and is ONE KING DOWN labeled as a "straight edge" band?

Michael: Everyone in the band is straight edge but we don't usually label ourselves too often. If people don't know we are straight edge they can usually figue it out by listening to our lyrics or things said in between songs.

VISTA: From what I've heard, ONE KING DOWN have something new coming out, what's the deal? Any titles? How many songs, etc?

Michael: One king down has a 4 song CD ready to be released any day now. on Trainwreck Records. The CD is called, "Absolve". We recorded it over a year ago, so the songs are kind of old.

VISTA: For those people out there who haven't ever heard ONE KING DOWN, describe your style, such as music, lyric content, and over~all message?

Michael: The ONE KING DOWN style is aggressive straight edge, hardcore/metal with an intense, positive message.

VISTA: Another curiosity question. Are any of you guys vegan/vegetarian? Also, what's your view on animal rights/liberation?

Michael: Rob, our singer, is a serious vegan who feels that animals should not be exploited for human use and totally supports direct action. The rest of us in the band feel that animal cruelty is seriously wrong, and each of us do our part tot help.

VISTA: Do you think the hardcore scene is divided, like, "if you're not vegan, fuck off" or "if you're not straight edge, you ain't shit"?

Michael: That's a tough one. In Albany, sometimes we catch a little flack for our opinions. In other places, like Syracuse, NY and Raleigh, NC, kids love it. We all have friends who aren't straight edge and we never hold it against them.

VISTA" What bands are you guys influenced by? Also, what are you currently listening to?

Michael: The band has a real wide variety of influences, from KINGS X to CRO-MAGS to RUSH to INTO ANOTHER. Right now the band is into the new SHELTER. Also, EARTH CRISIS, INTO ANOTHER, 108 and anything by the CRO-MAGS.

VISTA: What/whre have been some of the best shows ONE KING DOWN have played? Also, what/where have been the worst?

Michael: Some of the best and worst have been right here in Albany. Earth Crisis and us in Albany was great. The 2 day festival in Madison, W.I. went really well, and when we played with 108 in Raleigh, NC, that was really good. The shows in Syracuse, at the Lost Horizon {club} are always good. The kids out there are great.

VISTA: How old are you guys, and when not playing out, do you guys go to college and/or work?

Michael: Rod, 19. Michael, 17. Matt, 20. Bill, 21. Derrick, 21. When not playing out, I go to high school. Rob goes to college, and everyone else works.

VISTA: What merchandise do you have available at the moment?

Michael: Right now we have CD's for around $5 and we are having new t~shirts printed and they will be around $8.

VISTA: Anything else you'd like to add?

Micheal: Thanks a lot for the interview.

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