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Mother Of Mercy interview with Vocalist: Robert Wilson. Summer 2010.

Vista: Hey Robert. Can you give us a brief history of Mother Of Mercy? Year started, what's been released so far, etc.?

Robert: We started in 2007. Our first show was when we hoped on an, I Am The Avalance show in our town. We used to be in Let Down, and other people are currently in Salvation, Gypsy, Daylight, and Wilson's War. We have a demo that came out as a 7 inch on Collapse. Another 7 inch called, "Passing Through The Fire", on Collapse, and "III", which came out on Six Feet Under Records. This fall we will have a new LP on Bridge 9 Records.

Vista: As a vocalist, who are some of your influences? Also, speak a little bit on behalf of the band, who are they influenced by, musically?

Robert: I don't really have an influence on who I sound like. Singers that I really like are: Ian Curtis {Joy Division}, Richie Birkenhead {Underdog}, Jonah from Only Living Witness, Mark Ryan from Supertouch, Hope Sandoval, Karen O., Davey Havok, Eddie Sutton on the Merauder demo, Dave Claiborn {Unbroken}, Mike Judge, Danzig, Sean Mccabe, Skip, DMX,...People like that, I guess. Kyle is influenced by Danzig and some other shit I don't know about. Joe, Only Living Witness. Vince, Brand New, The Killers. Drew, probably some weird shit too.

Vista: Tell us a little about the lyrical content. What kind of thoughts are you trying to bring out?

Robert: I basically just write about what's going on, in my mind. I only write from my perspective, so everything I write about is stuff that's going on in my life.

Vista: What's up with the Pennsylvania hardcore scene these days? Any bands there we should keep an eye out for? Also, where are shows taking place...Clubs, basements, VFW Halls?

Robert: Philly hardcore is the best. I'll include Wilkes Barre bands/kids in with that, but as a whole, Pennsylvania is awesome. This Is Hardcore is coming up and it's gonna blow away any other fest. We have the Barbary, The Church, Broad Street, and in the burbs, we have the Quakertown Church and some other ones. We have tons of different kinds of bands - Stick Together, Balance and Composure, Title Fight, Daylight, people like Agitator a lot, Bleak Reality. All good stuff.

Vista: Where did you guys take the band name from? Is it from the Samhain song & when do you expect Glen Danzig to send a "cease and desist" order?

Robert: Yeah, we were kicking around a bunch of names and Mother Of Mercy is the only one we could all agree on. "How The Gods Kill" is the best song ever. Hopefully Danzig doesn't try and sue us, and instead, offers to take us on tour.

Vista: On that note, which band was better & why: Misfits, Samhain or Danzig? Also, which song is the best?

Robert: They're all good obviously, but Danzig is my favorite. Misfits are cool and Samhain is a good mix of both, but Danzig II and III are unfuckwithable.

Vista: What was your first exposure to the hardcore scene? How old were you and which first, initial bands really grabbed your attention?

Robert: My first actual show, I was 14, this band Dysphoria played my second one. It was awesome. The early bands I liked were: Strife, Snapcase, AFI, and basically any band on Victory Records at the time.I was always into "heavy" music and realized this was cooler than rocking out to Primer 55 or something. Not that I don't still love terrible nu-metal.

Vista: What's your opinion of the current hardcore scene? I know this sounds like a vague question, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on just the over-all feeling of the hardcore scene. Bands, record labels, clubs, kids? I mean, every generation "claims" their time-era was the best time for hardcore, etc.? Are they full of shit? Haha.

Robert: Hardcore is always gonna be full of bands that suck and are full of shit, and also bands that are real with what they're doing and saying. The current two big things are being in a "hard" band or doing some fake ass youthcrew band. Both of these styles are being done to death and make me shake my head. Do I really need to hear some kid from bumblefuck U.S.A. talking about how hard the neighborhood he's from is? Naaa. Do I need to hear some dude who's favorite band is The First Step and Champion preach about how they should lead a positive life, etc.? Naaa. Both of those scenes are bullshit artists and with a few exceptions, I don't wanna be part of.

Vista: Outside of the band, what are some of your interests and hobbies?

Robert: I don't really do much. I go to Canada and visit my girlfriend as much as possible. I started doing census work, and that sucks. I like hanging out with puppies and watching t.v.. Vince likes playing hockey and going to bars. Kyle likes to read probably. Joe sits home and watches movies. I have no clue what Drew does ever.

Vista: What are the last couple of bands you put onto your Ipod? Are you a fan of Ipods or do you think they suck?

Robert: Well, I had an Ipod until my friend sat on it and broke the motherfucking screen. Ipods are great and make tour easier.

Vista: Tell us about the record label that you guys are on, Bridge 9. How did that come about and how has it been so far? In this time era, it seems like that label is second only to the Deathwish Inc label, as far as constant, consistant good sounding hardcore/metalcore bands. On that note, do you think you guys are treated with ore respect or even just differently since being on Bridge 9 ?

Robert: I'm pretty sure it started because Pat Flynn recommended us to them, and they decided they liked it. We have a pretty good relationship with them and hopefully the LP will be a banger. People joked around with us about selling out or whatever, but nobody was seriously pissed, and if they were/are, they are idiots. I would sign with any label on earth, I could really give a shit. I'll tour with anyone too. As long as the music you play doesn't sound like some weak ass mall metal, who cares.

Vista: Who did the artwork for the "III" album?

Robert: This guy E from the metal band: Watain. I think it came out awesome and people should see some of the other stuff he's done. He is ridiculous.

Vista: I was wondering, what is the song, "Back To The Agony" about?

Robert: Fucking up, trying to recover from fucking up, figuring out where you started fucking up up, making the same mistake, and fucking up again.

Vista: What does Mother Of Mercy have planned for the Summer/Fall 2010?

Robert: Probably only doing the Philly Floorpunch show, Sound and Fury and This is Hardcore. Then the LP comes out and we'll be on tour all of September, I think. Then two weeks with Agnostic Front and New Lows in October. Europe in December or so.

Vista: Thanks for your time. Final words?

Robert: New LP out soon. Touring everywhere after that.
Bob Wilson Straightedge.

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