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Misfats interview with Vocalist: Glen Hamzinger. April 10, 2010.

Vista: Hey. I'd like to start this out by asking, can you give us a brief history of the Misfats? Year started, band members & who did what in the band?

Glen Hamzinger: In 2003 Foyle von Franksnbeans and I hit upon the idea of pure entertainment; an idea so viscerally perfect we would need no promotion, no "demo tapes," none of the normal trappings of a band.  It was a complete concept, summed up completely in our name.  If you didn't get us right then and there then you never were going to be able to enjoy us at all.  Our brainstorming quickly fell upon the idea, "You know, like fat guys doing Misfits covers - we could be 'The Misfats.'"  We stopped then, suddenly silent, in reverence of what we'd chanced upon.  The rest is (now) history.

Vista: You guys came to my attention through searching the internet & somehow I can across your myspace site...The concept behind Misfats is beyond awesome! Why the hell did you guys break up? Also, when the hell are you gonna get back together?!

Glen Hamzinger: Yes, we are beyond awesome, from concept to execution, you are correct.  We still are, even in this state of being as well - far more awesome than 95% of the bands in existence.  Ever.  But we figured we'd suckled at this teat long enough and better to leave you wanting more than the alternative...and, besides, Foyle up and moved to the other side of the country as well.

Vista: As far as music goes...What did Misfats release? Were these self-released? I think I saw you guys had an EP out at one point?

Glen Hamzinger: No recording instruments known to mankind are capable of distilling our essence into any format.  I hear this may be what those crafty Swiss are working on with that hadron supercollider, though.

Vista: While doing the Misfats, did you guys do any type of touring at all or just locally? I saw on your site that Misfats were in Karrang! magazine? Did you guys ever tour in Europe? Also, did you guys have any Misfits style stage show or just the mighty flesh-fest?

Glen Hamzinger: Due to our gentlemanly carriage we did not travel far, altho' we did have the good fortune to travel down the coast twice to California, once out to the East Coast for a small handful of dates, and to close out SxSw in, what, 2007?  (They actually invited us back this year, too - stuff THAT in your crummy local indie band's press kit and EAT IT!)  Somehow, we appeared in both Kerrang! and Blender; also, we did interviews for a Canadian or two and a Swede.  And we'll eat at an International House of Pancakes.  We're like the U.N. of hyperobesity.

Vista: Can you tell us some song titles that the Misfats had? Also, where did the name, Misfats come from? Uh, nevermind!

Glen Hamzinger: Nevermind, indeed!  In your intertube searching did you chance upon our blog?  No?  That lovely haven gives you all the songs we did, complete with our lyrics and, occasionally, a humorous anecdote.  Go to for the un-skinny.

Vista: Are you familiar with the band, Alkaline Trio? If not, they have a song on their new album called, "Dine Dine My Darling". Is this a bite off the Misfats style? And if you sued them, who would the money go to...Misfats or Danzig?

Glen Hamzinger: This is clearly an infringement of our (should-have-been)patented awesomeness.  But we'll leave the legal wranglings to the progenitors and license holders (Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, respectively).
  This "alkaline trio" should be ashamed of themselves as I'm sure they're not fat enough to even hold our sweatrags.

Vista: Speaking of lawsuits, ex members of Misfits are famous for suing each other, but my questions is this...Have anyone from Misfits seen or heard Misfats? Do you think Danzig would sue you guys for the sole purpose of funding more of his lousy comic books?!?

Glen Hamzinger: The various iterations of The Misfits are indeed aware of us, mostly from other bands we know or have played with later spilling the proverbial beans to them.  I do know that Michale Graves and Robo both loved us.  Anecdotally, I was told of Danzig's response upon hearing a description of us:  "I don't know what to think of that."  Seems plausible.  I know Fat Mike doesn't like us due to Nardwar badgering him about us once on his show.  However, Jello Biafra seems to really like us so I think that carries more weight, don't you?
Additionally, we had the opportunity to play w/ Graves several times and found him a consummate performer and stand-up guy.  Anything else you hear is rubbish.

Vista: One more question on the Danzig tip. Did you see the youtube video of Danzig almost getting his head knocked off his shoulders like a rock 'em sock 'em robots game!?? If you were there, would you have gotten in between those two mammoth goons & tried to get them to "hug it out"? Do you think you would have gotten walloped just for the fact that technically you ARE Glen Danzig, in disguise!?

Glen Hamzinger: I would have displayed my superiority with an eating contest, something like a 96-lb. steak, while sitting in banana pudding, combating each other additionally w/ super-soakers full of mayonnaise and pickle juice.

Vista: Seriously though, when did you first get into the Misfits? Also, what other bands are you into?

Glen Hamzinger: Who are the Misfits?  Kidding!  Seriously.  Other bands?  What, are we dating now?

Vista: Beside Danzig, who has influenced you vocally?

Glen Hamzinger: Danzig's voice is so unique and special, it's tough to mimic successfully.  Same with Graves - that kid's got an amazing set of pipes on him as well.  The Misfits have been traditionally fortunate in the lead-singer department, with those two.  I'd say my more useful inspirations come from great front men rather than great vocalists, tho', to be honest.
  We're not a band of musicians - we're a band of obese entertainers.

Vista: I'm pretty sure that I saw that you are in another band? Details man...Give us some details!?

Glen Hamzinger: A couple of us have spun off to other projects, that's true.  Dr. C.H.O.A.D. went the metal-to-country route with great success.  Jerry Baloney laid down his guns for good.  Foyle von Franksnbeans is readying his body and mind for an orgiastic release.  I have a new band solely dedicated to drinking.  What can I say - I like my vices.  We're called The Tanked - check us out on the mysplice.

Vista: Well. That's all the questions that I have for you. Thanks so much for doing this interview! Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Glen Hamzinger: Remember:  The buffet is YOURS to own!  Keep reaching for the stars (so long as you don't have to get up or exert yourself in anyway)!  STAY FAT!

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