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Junior Bruce {ex-Bloodlet/Hope & Suicide} interview with Vocalist: Scott Angelacos. July 29, 2010

Vista: Hey Scott. The first question I have is the famous-first! Who's in the band & who's doing what? 

Scott: I sing. Tom Crowther plays bass. Bryan Raymond plays guitar, and Brett plays the drums.

Vista: Can you give us a brief history of the band? Year started, ex-members, what has been released so far, what's still in print, etc.?
Scott: We started playing in late 2007.  Tom, Bryan and myself were in Hope & Suicide together before Junior Bruce and Brett "Winter Haven represent!' was in a band called E.B.S.. We have only recorded demos. Recording them ourselves and handing them out at shows and posting them online.
Vista:  Through the years you have been involved with bands that have band-names that really coincide with the music style: "Hope & Suicide", "Bloodlet". I'm wondering, where did the name Junior Bruce come from? Is that the name of a serial killer that I'm just not aware of? It almost sounds like the name of a candy bar!? 
Scott: Junior Bruce was a character on a completely retarded movie called Death Race 2000. I am totally gonna make a fucking Junior Bruce candy bar shirt now thanks!
Vista: Vocally, who are your main influences? I know that when you were in Bloodlet, your style was very throaty. I know that's a lame term that doesn't really describe your style or whatever, but my vocabulary is limited I guess! But, while you were in Hope & Suicide your vocal style was much different..I'd say your style in Junior Bruce is closer to Hope & Suicide as well. So, my question is over the course of time, who are your influences vocally?   
Scott: Dio, Bruce Dickenson, but i suck and they are great, which makes me mad so i scream lots. I think the difference in my vocals you speak of are just scars on my vocal chords. I've named them but i won't tell.
Vista: What are some goals or achievements that you guys would like to accomplish with Junior Bruce? Is this band more of a part-time project or is it more of a full-time thing? 
Scott: We are going to start recording twelve songs in September. We would like to find someone to put it out. We'll see when we finish. We all work and try to go out for long weekends to play shows with friends in other states, and intend to do some touring when we finish recording.
Vista: What's going on these days in Florida, as far as the Hardcore/Metalcore scene? Also, where are shows taking place, legion halls, clubs, living rooms!? Are there any bands worth checking out? 

Scott: There are venues in all the major cities in Florida some big, some small. I think that many bands will skip playing Florida because the drives to get down to America's wang are expansive. However, there are fucking awesome bands here Hollow Leg, Shroud Eater, 6 Dead Horses, and Khann to name just a few.
Vista: As far as writing songs, is there some type of set formula? I mean, is it usually music first then lyrics or vice-versa? How does it work for you guys?
Scott: There is totally a formula. It is a secret formula so i can't tell you. I will tell you this though; it's delicious.
Vista: Lyrically, where do you draw influences from? Also, speak a little bit on behalf of the other guys in the band. Who are some of their influences as far as their instruments/style are concerned?
Scott: I want to paint a picture of what the music says to me. Most times the music is written first. Other times i will find something i have written down and it will fit with music that is already in place. If it rocks it stays. lyrically? Well its metal so its all blood and violence, swords and demons. Tom and Bryan love fat, loud tube amps and Brett plays a vistalite kit from the 60's with a 24 inch floor tom. loud, loud, loud.....
Vista:  What is the song "Churchburnner" about? What is there some type of corpse-face makeup squad in Florida?
Scott: That song is about a monster created by fear. It was originally called A Demon at the Gates but Tom made a joke about it sounding like something you would say to describe a desperate need for a bowel movement. .. . Then Brett pointed out that the new name sounded like something you would say to describe what that movement was like.
Vista: What was your first introduction to Punk/Hardcore? How old were you & what bands really grabbed your attention? Also, what was the first "core" show ever attended & where?
Scott: Black Flag, Bad Brains, D.R.I,The Accused, GWAR, Minor Threat. I remember lying to my mom and telling her i was staying at a friends house and driving with a bunch of friends to Tampa to see D.R.I. 

Vista: Would Junior Bruce ever sign to a record label? I see on your Myspace site that you guys seem pretty content being "self-sufficient, self-produced, self-recorded". Are you opposed to signing to a label and are there plans to release music?
Scott: Shit yeah we would. We need help with things if we want to get it out there. Jesus. if it really says that we are self sufficient that is funny. laughable man. we are a mess like any other band. 

Vista: I wanted to ask you about a former band of yours, Hope & Suicide. I'll ask cause I have no clue, when did that band start and finish? I remember that there was a 3 song CD at one point. I have that & really like it a lot. I think that you guys did some touring? Then, I didn't hear anymore about the band at all? I did hear that you guys were on some label that released material as "digital" format only? 
Scott: Started in 2002 and ended in 2006 we released like two things did several U.S. tours and recorded a full length to be released on Steve Austin's label Supernova Records. Two weeks before we were supposed to release it the label lost its distribution and could not put it out.  The band broke up shortly after.
Vista: What are your top 5 Hardcore/Metal bands/albums of all-time. Just in the Hardcore/Metal genre...Your top 5 favorites?
Slayer "Reign in Blood".
Metallica "Ride the Lightning".
Bad Brains "Banned in D.C".
Black Flag "My War".
Neurosis "through Silver in Blood'.
In no order. 
Vista: Out side of band stuff {practice, recording, performing}, what are some of your interests & hobbies?
Scott: Bowling and partying bro!
Vista: I asked you about your first connection to Punk/Hardcore, but as a kid growing up, what bands were you into? Where you a Metalhead or were you pre-goth Joy Division guy? I know Florida has {had} a really big death-metal scene at one time with bands such as: Obituary, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Massacre, etc...Were you into these bands growing up & did you see these bands back in the day {80's}!!?
Scott: Metal.Yeah those death metal bands were a big influence on us. I got to see Death play on a flatbed truck at a house party when i was just a squirt and i saw Deicide play a party in the woods in Tampa. Super awesome times
Vista: As far as Bloodlet goes, when year did that band come to an end? Did you guys even do a "final" tour or show? Why did Bloodlet break-up? Did it just run its course or was there some other factors? Has Bloodlet ever done any reunion shows?
Scott: Bloodlet stopped playing in 2003. No final show or anything. It just ran its course i suppose. Don't think you would see a reunion.
Vista: Back in the 90's when Bloodlet signed to Victory Records, that really shook things up. At least from my perspective. I mean, Bloodlet and Deadguy really revitalized that label in my opinion, at the time. Victory was known as a straight edge label for the most part. After all this time, how was it being on that label? Did you have any reservations to sign with them?
Scott: Yeah we were the oddballs on that label but they did a great job of getting our stuff out there.We had great times with Dead Guy, Hatebreed, and Snapcase and made a lot of good friends during our time there. It was our friendship with the bands on that label that made us feel good about signing with them.
Vista: How was your experience dealing with Victory Records? Did they really get behind what Bloodlet was doing or were the just a label that got the albums out there, as far as distribution? I've heard & read up on many bands that feel they {Victory} ripped off bands, didn't do shit for the band & lie about the amount of albums that are actually sold. Thoughts?
Scott: What Victory did for Bloodlet was put the record out there and do their best to keep us on the road touring and pushing the release.They do that well. Every larger label needs to make money to stay afloat they need to make that money off selling your band. It costs them a ton of money to advertise and distribute. It is the bands who pay for all of this from their sales before they see a dime.Most bands depending on what they sign and what they sell stay in debt.  It is retarded but it is the business.
Vista: From your memory, all these years later...What are some of your fondest memories from your time in Bloodlet? That being said, what were some of the biggest disappointments?
Scott: Fondest memories: Neurosis tour, Europe.Not really disappointed with any of it.
Vista: Scott, thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview. I really appreciate it. Is there anything else you'd like to say? What's the best way to get in touch with the band?
Scott: Thanks for asking man. Junior Bruce bitches! Myspace and Facebook.

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