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Incendiary interview with Guitarist: Bobcat. September 4, 2010.

Vista: Just the basics, who's in the band & who does what?

Bobcat: Brendan: Vocals Kevin Faivre. Bass Rob "Bobcat: Nobile.. GuitaDan Lomeli.  Drums Brian. Audley: Guitar.

Vista: Can you give us a brief history of the band, year started, what has been released so far, what's still available, etc.?

Bobcat: The band started on Long Island in the summer of 2007 with an original line-up recording a 5 song demo.  A few months later Lomeli, Audleyand I joined.  In July 2008, we released a 7" called "Amongst the Filth" through Eternal Hope Records and a year later released our full-length, "Crusade". Then in the beginning of this year, Kevin joined playing bass, in my opinion making the band the tightest it's ever been. The past 3 years have been awesome, and we've been lucky enough to have played with bands including This is Hell, Bane, Merauder, Maximum Penalty, H2O, Madball, Cro-mags, Indecision, V.O.D., and tons of other bands that we've always respected. In the next few weeks, we have a split 7" coming out with Suburban Scum, our friends from NJ, through Mayfly Records.  We also have another split in the works with a band called Unrestrained from Portland, OR through Trip Machine Laboratories.  That should be out by  early fall. So we're staying busy, and I'm really psyched on how fortunate we've been, thanks to everyone for supporting.

Vista: You guys are mixing some old school styles of Hardcore. Tell us about some of your direct influences of the band?

Bobcat: As far as hardcore influences go, we're all into bands like Indecision, 108, Snapcase, All Out War, Strife...  At the same time, we all have different musical tastes and backgrounds, which in some way has been a benefit to our style as well.  If a song ever came out that sounded like Onyx, Morrissey, Slayer, and Dinosaur Jr. mixed into one, it's probably safe to assume that it's our side project.

Vista: Hands down, which s the best group to come out of Long Island...Public Enemy, Vision Of Disorder, or Twisted Fuckin’ Sister!? Forget genres, just pick one & tell us why?

Bobcat: Twisted Sister strictly because they were in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure".

Vista: What was your first introduction to Hardcore? What were the first bands that grabbed your attention & what year was that? Also, what was the first 'core show you ever attended?

Bobcat: Probably VOD about 13 years ago...when I was in seventh grade, I would dial up onto America Online and explore various music sites where I randomly stumbled upon VOD.  Then I had my mom drive me to Tower Records so I could buy the record.  So for me it was kind of random and luck that I discovered this music as opposed to someone directly introducing it. A few years later I saw Sick of it All at a place called The Swingset on LI. I guess this was my first real "show" and seeing all of the moshing and chaos in the crowd and how different it was from a "concert", I got even more psyched about it.

Vista: What's going on locally in your scene? You guys are from Long Island, what bands are worth checking out & where are shows taking place...Clubs, Living Rooms, Basements, Legion Halls? Is the scene strong or only strong when big bands roll through? Some locals that I'm into are Backtrack, Ice Age, Bottom Out, & Divider. Aside from making sick music, all of these bands are real honest and down to earth in what they do...which makes or breaks it for me. There's nothing worse than meeting bands who are total arrogant rockstars. It's like, "Relax man. You're headlining little Johnny's basement while his parents are away on vacation"...get the fuck over yourself.  You'll obviously find people like that everywhere...fortunately it's rare here, I think. Over the years, thanks to promoters like Jake Zimmerman and Ronnie Singh the shows always seem successful as far as the turn out and overall vibe. They spread the word well and people are always psyched to support all of the bands that play, both local & out of state. There have literally been hundreds of places on LI where shows have taken place and have been shut down.  Two that have been standing strong are the Ethical Humanist Society in Garden City and Broadway Bar in Amityville, both have some pretty big shows.

Vista:  Have you guys been able to do any touring yet? If so, what are some out of the area States you guys have played? If not, will you guys be doing any type of tours, long weekends, etc.?

Bobcat: We did a small tour last December down the east coast to Florida and  back.Unfortunately, we all have full-time jobs which makes it hard to coordinate time off. We always do long weekends as much as we can, usually upstate NY, New England, & the NJ/Pa areas and we're hoping to eventually get to the Midwest as well.  We also did a 3 day weekend to Canada last year, which seems like a completely inefficient thing to  time. FYI, Niagara Falls blows. It's cool for a half hour and that's it. Why people plan entire vacations around that place is beyond me. Upcoming, we're playing Fall Brawl w/ Cro-mags and a bunch of other bands at the end of October in Baltimore. And hopefully sometime in the beginning of next year, we're gonna try to make it out to the west coast and do a bunch of shows for a week or two.

Vista: While recording in the studio, which member is the biggest pain in the ass? Haha. There is ALWAYS that one guy who drives everyone else nuts while in the studio!?

Bobcat: Haha well we had a former band member who, whenever recording, we'd realized he was playing the song completely wrong.  And then he'd have  to basically learn the whole song for the first time and record it on the spot. I'm not talking about a note here or entire songs that we wrote and had been playing over a year prior.  It obviously worked out at the end and it's something we just laugh at  now. Another time in the studio, someone held their guitar up to the amp head trying to get feedback while the cabinet was in another awesome. So as you can see, we only work up to the most professional standards.

Vista: Give me your top 5 bands of all time...It doesn't matter what genre, just your personal top 5?

Big L.

Vista: Which one do you prefer...Harley fronting Cro-mags or John Joseph fronting Cro-mags? Also, would you watch them if the original Cro-mags line-up had their own reality show on t.v.?

Bobcat: I gotta go with the classic line-up on this one, so John .Joseph. Some of the songs on "Best Wishes" are cool, but some if it's just too ridiculous for me. I would definitely watch that show especially the inherent MMA bout between Harley and John.Joseph. that would take place.
Vista: What are your thoughts on the current N.Y. scene, as well as the current Hardcore scene over-all? What are some pros & cons to what's  going on today, as opposed to when you got into Hardcore and/or when  you first started the band?

Bobcat:  I think the NY scene always has been continuously growing due to all of the people who are booking & promoting these shows like Black N'  Blue Productions and other individuals, and the fact that there are so  many great bands coming out and getting the respect that they deserve. And I feel that compared to 10 years ago, most music today is even more watered-down and disposable to people, probably because of the over-saturation on the internet. So I think another reason why hardcore continues to grow is because more people are starting to notice this scene's integrity.

Vista: Lyrically, what are some topics & thoughts you guys are touching on?

Bobcat: Brendan's lyrics usually reflect social, political, and religious issues that he disagrees with. He's not trying to preach anything and we're not gonna play some benefit in Tibet with Perry Farrell or anything. It's mainly his opinion, which the whole band happens to agree on as well, and if people are into If not, who cares as long as you mosh and have a good time.

Vista: As far as the music goes, which guys are the main contributors to the writing process? Also, how do you guys work up music to songs, I  mean is there a set formula that works best for you guys, such as music first, then lyrics or vice-versa?

Vista: Usually Audley or I come up with a riff or idea, and if it passes the  first test of someone making fun of it, we work from there. All 5 of us collectively add opinions and ideas, which I prefer and think is the best.  That way we're all always playing songs that we like instead of just settling for other people's satisfaction.  After we have a basic structure of the song, Brendan adds vocals and we polish  it up from there.

You guys seem like you're influenced by bands from the mid 90's, which is awesome. I'm wondering, thinking back the 90's time era or maybe even to this time era, what one band didn't get their respect or just didn't catch on? Example, I think of a band called, "Statue" from California. They were from the early to mid 90's & were awesome but never really caught on.Thoughts?

Bobcat: Even though this band has always been known and respected, I think Skycamefalling from LI hasn't gotten nearly as much credit as they should have today. I say this considering the amount of bands that were formed after them, who mirrored their style and sound, and went on to become very successful. These guys were way ahead of their time and it seems like they were just pushed into the shadows when they broke up.

Vista: What are your thoughts on the whole downloading issue? Are you for it or against it or is it just not a thing anyone can do about it? Does it affect a band at your level & does it piss you the hell off?

Bobcat: I'm all for pirating the hell out of music. Any band, big or small, wouldn't get the attention and exposure that they have if it wasn't for downloading. I'm just thankful enough that someone is gonna take the time to check out our music and hopefully be into it...I don't care how they get it. I'll still buy records of bands that I like and want to support, usually bands that we play with or I see at shows...other than that...if it's free, it's for me.

Vista: Here's a question that I ask often, do you guys do any cover songs during your sets? Also, if you have, what songs have you guys done over the years?

Bobcat: Several times we've covered "Blistered" by Strife, which rules and usually gets a better reaction than us haha. We've also covered "Caboose" by Snapcase, "Sabatoge" by the Beastie Boys, the beginning of "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter, and "In Bloom" by Nirvana. It's obvious to tell which ones were purely for our own entertainment. "Oh,  I have a sick idea, let's play "In Bloom" where Kurt Cobain actually  sings 90% of the song. That won't be a disaster or anything". Also, we've had an ongoing joke for a while that we want to start a nu-metal cover band called "H3ktik"...yes that's "Hectic" with a "3: and a "k". We were gonna play a Halloween show and actually practiced  Korn, Limp Bizkit, and System of a Down songs, unfortunately that fell  through. It was just as amazing as it was dumb…but amazing.

Vista: Have any of you guys been in any other bands prior to Incendiary? Any of ya's have any side-projects going on?

Bobcat: H3ktik

Vista: Pretend there is no such thing as the internet, pick five words that would best describe your band?

Nissan Quest.
Tall (minus me & Brendan).
Wayne's World.

Vista: What do you prefer more, recording or performing? What are the pros & cons to both?

Bobcat:  I do like recording bc I find it amazing to hear what the songs actually sound like as a finished recorded product.  However, playing shows is probably the main reason why I love being in this band.  The  kids who come out to the shows are always going nuts and supporting us, and we're always having a fun time playing together. It's honestly one of the few things in life that I'm constantly looking forward to and keeps me psyched to always be playing music. And I really can't think of any cons. Whether it's a huge show on a big  watching, I still always have a great time playing.
stage or a small show with only the bartender and other bands
Vista: While on the road, traveling to shows...What band do you guys find  yourselves listening to the most while in the vehicle?

Bobcat: We always listen to "Of Malice & the Magnum Heart" by Misery Signals...kind of became a ritual on the way to out of state shows. We'll also usually listen to Primus and "Sixteen Stone/Razorblade Suitcase" Bush...obviously not that "Chemicals Between Us, I'm married to Gwen Stefani" shit. Then we always have to  rock out to "Beer" by Reel Big Fish when we're wasted.

Vista: Outside of performing, practice, etc...What are you & the other guys outside interests & hobbies?

Bobcat: Brendan and I have been killing Kan Jam this summer. We'll probably join a league if anyone knows about one.

Vista: What future plans do you guys have, as far as touring, recording, future record labels, etc.?

Bobcat: In addition to the 2 split releases coming out within the next few months and the tentative west coast tour next year, we'll eventually be looking for a label to put out another solo release.

Vista: Thanks a lot for the time. Is there anything else you'd like to say? Best way to get in touch with you guys?

Bobcat: All of our info is on & our e-mail is  I just want to say thanks to everyone who gives our music a chance and supports us, and if anyone over 21 yrs looks like our bassist Kevin, please let him buy your I.D. so he can get into bars with us. Thanks for everything.

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