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Hatebreed interview with: Beattie {Bass}. Matt {guitar}. Lou {guitar}. 1996.

*This interview was done, on April 19, 1996, at a club called Maxaluna's, in Connecticut. I did this interview with: Beattie {bass}, Matt {guitar} & Lou {guitar}.


** This interview also serves as a true document to the history of HATEBREED, who at the time didn't even have a full length album out at this point! This interview also is special because, Lou "Boulder" Richards took part in this interview. I still remember the night I did this if it was yesterday...And I am here to tell you that Lou really was so enthusiastic about HATEBREED, playing music, and life in general. Lou was born: October 12, 1970...And passed away: September 13, 2006. Lou was only 35 years old. Rest In Peace Lou. You will never be forgotten. **

VISTA:What's the current line~up and who does what?

Beattie: I'm Beattie and I play bass. Matt palys guitar. Lou plays second guitar. Dave plays drums and Jamey sings.

VISTA: Give us a brief history of the band and what bands were you guys in prior to HATEBREED?

Beattie: Jamey was in a band called, JASTA 14 and they broke up. I was in a band called, FROSTBITE and we broke up. Then it just started evolving like, at first it was Taylor and Pugs from UGLY TRUTH. Lou was in it originally and Dave and Jamey. Then Jamey and Dave got me to play bass. Then we got Larry and then Wayne started after the first show.

Matt: Larry and Wayne are now both in, TWO BY FOUR.

Beattie: They both quit the band, so now we have Matt and Lou playing guitar.

VISTA: Matt, you were also in a band prior to HATEBREED as well?

Matt: I was in, FREESTYLE. I was in, ASSEND. I'm also in a band called Eventide, and I do Eventide and HATEBREED at the same time.

VISTA: HATEBREED just did a small tour, who was that with and how long was that?

Matt: That was with, The VORHEES from England and that was for about, three weeks.

Beattie: Our first show with them was here in Connecticut, then we went as far as, Canada, Albany, Buffalo, New York City and as far west as, Minnesota, then swung down to, Richmond Virginia.

Matt: We played, Detroit and Ohio. We had three shows in Virginia that were good.

Beattie: Yeah, those were fun. We did a lot of basement shows. A lot of last minute things like, keg parties and stuff like that. They worked out really good. VORHEES went over really good as well. A lot of kids liked them.

Matt: When we played up in Maine, there are mostly punk kids up there and thy went crazy when VORHEES played. They had the crowd that night.

VISTA: Matt, this was your first tour with HATEBREED, how was it for you?

Matt: It was really, a lot of fun. It was the greatest time. I played with HATEBREED for about a month previous to doing the tour, then we did the tour and now I'm permanent. So, It's cool.

VISTA: Beattie, you've done tours with HATEBREED in the past, what states/shows stick out in your mind as being good, such as music scenes?

Beattie: Virginia is great. That's like one of the best places, in my opinion. Detroit was really good. They're bigger kids, but they stick together.

Matt: Detroit is old school.

Beattie: Those kids know what's up. They're really cool. COLD AS LIFE took us in and hooked us up, really good out there in Detroit. New York is always cool. Buffalo has a good scene. Albany and the QE2 is good. Ted at the QE2 is great.

VISTA: How long has HATEBREED been officially together?

Beattie: HATEBREED has been together since, November 1994.

VISTA: Where did the name, HATEBREED come from?

Beattie: The Misfits. At least, that's what I'm told by Jamey.

VISTA: What has HATEBREED released so far, and what's available?

Beattie: We had our first 3 song demo and that's totally gone. Our new 7inch was put onto tape and and 500 were made, and they're also all gone. The HATEBREED/NEGLECTsplit 7inch is being repressed. We're on the, "Together as one" compilation and that's still available. And we're on the, "Stone's To Mark A fire" compilation, for Rod Cornado. That's still available.

VISTA: What the deal with the, Rod Cornado compilation? Give us some information on that.

Beattie: Rod Cornado is an animal rights activist and he burnt down the Michigan State animal research lab, where they torture animals. I thought that was good of him to do. The compilation was for a good cause. He's in jail and the money from the compilation goes to help pay for his legal fees and so on. So, if you have the money, please support that. It's for a good cause.

Matt: There are really good bands on it as well.

VISTA: What bands were you into when you were growing up?

Matt: I grew up on early hardcore. The first show I ever went to was in 1985, when I was 14 years old. Going off on, NEGATIVE APPROACH, THE MISFITS. My first band opened for, REAGAN YOUTH. They're one of my favorite bands. Ya know, then it evolved into newer stuff. Like in the late 80's...a lot of the New York straightedge bands, I was really into. Back in the day of the Anthrax club. Now, I'm into all kinds of stuff. I can listen to anything from, INTEGRITY BELLY. As long as it's good music, I'm into it.

Beattie: For me, I was influenced by older hardcore. The aggression. Everyone up front. Of course, I was into metal. Definitely metal influenced.

VISTA: Do you guys have any interests outside of playing in Hatebreed?

Matt: For my other band Eventide, I do a lot of graphics for our 7inch and other stuff, like that. Working on the computer. I really, for the most part, just focus on music. I mean, I'm doing like 3 different bands right now. So, it's like, I've got a full plate. I'm always trying to do something with music. Whether  It's playing shows or recording or just jamming with the band.

Beattie: I just love sports. I like playing sports as much as I can.

**** At this point...Guitarist Lou comes into the interview ****

VISTA: With a band name like, HATEBREED and songs like, "Smash Your Enemies", do you guys get labeled as a tough~guy band?

Lou: We do get labeled that but we're totally not. It's not about that for us.

Beattie: It's all about having a good time. I like to see kids up front. I don't want to see them standing in the back, because they're afraid to come see us.

VISTA: Since doing the tour you guys just did, do you feel violence at shows is more or less in some areas or is it all the same everywhere?

Lou: It was basically the same everywhere we went.

Matt: Everywhere you go, there's gonna be one group of kids who don't like another group of kids and they're gonna clash at some point. Fights break out everywhere.

Lou: It's a part of hardcore. It's never gonna leave. As long as it's containable and it doesn't get out of hand, then I don't really see a big problem with it.

VISTA: What does HATEBREED have planned for future releases and when can we expect to see them?

Beattie: We're going to be on the, "East Coast Assault 2" compilation. That will be on, "Too Damn Hype" Records.

Lou: Also, we have the split 7inch with INTEGRITY. We finally got the DATS {master tapes} from them. You're gonna see the "East Coast Assault" and the split with Integrity and HATEBREED and also our own 7inch, hopefully within the next 2...3 months at the latest.

VISTA: OK, that's all the questions that I have . Would you like to say anything else?

Lou: Yeah, go to shows! Support local bands. Just keep going to shows and keep supporting the scene. Try not to be too P.C.. Hardcore is about having fun. It's not about who's the most politically correct or who's the most straightedge or who's the most drunk or who's the toughest. That's basically it.

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