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Hang The Bastard interview with Drummer: Simon Grubb. 2010.

Vista: Hey. Typical hardcore fanzine question. Who's in the band and who does what? Also, how old are you guys?

Simon: Chris is the vocalist, he's 22. Sam is mostly rhythm guitar and he's 24. Sina is on lead guitar and he's 21, and I'm Simon, 23, and I play drums. I won't sat who's the bassist, as we've just gotten rid of our 8th bassist, he was a bit of a weirdo, haha! At the moment we're currently looking for a new full-time bass player, and with a recording coming up in May, we ain't got long!!

Vista: Can you give us a brief history of the band? Year started, what has been released so far, etc.?

Simon: Around June 2007, Chris and Sam had the idea of starting a new band - something crossing Integrity style hardcore and old school rock/metal, particularly like Black Sabbath. After a few people coming and going, we started playing shows around January 2008. To date we've played nearly 150 shows in the two years we've been playing, been to Europe once {played a couple of shows with Almost Home from the UK in Germany too!}. Chris, Sam and myself have been in the band pretty much from the start, and Sina joined a few months in. We released our "Raw Sorcery" 6 track EP in February 2009, and we've got two splits out recently: One with Brutality Will Prevail {Wales}, and one  with Abolition from London. We're recording a new 10 track CD in May, which is being released on Holy Roar Records {UK}.

Vista: "Hang Te Bastard"...There HAS to be some meaning behind this band name?

Simon: Sam's brother came up with the name. It's not about "anyone" so to speak, it's an off the cuff dig at red top newspapers that blow things out of proportion and just make stupid shit a massive deal.

Vista: I wanted to ask you about the song, "The Year Is One". First, where is the sample of the person speaking in the beginning of the song from?

Simon: The sample is from the horror classic 60's movie, Rosemary's Baby. Most of us in the band love old school 60's/70's horror films and this one was too awesome to not put it in!

Vista: As far as lyrics go, what are some topics you guys are dealing with? 

Simon: I think generally, the world is in a bad place right now, and has been for a long time...Too much shit going on, ya know. There are lyrics about world destruction, fucking things up, just angry stuff. We've got a loose kinda theme to the new CD we're writing: about 1600's England, during the time of Jack The Ripper, and all that. Not all the lyrics have been written though.

Vista: I know that from checking out your band site, you guys have played a lot of shows. I see that you've done shows with Ringworm. They are obviously from America, how was that show and did you guys do more than that one show together? Also, what have been some standout shows that you guys have played, so far?

Simon: We played 3 shows with Ringworm, in Notts, Newcastle, and London - they were all pretty good, it was back in January 2009 - we didn't even have our CD out then. Standout shows would probably be for all of us, the Reign Supreme show in Nottingham...Dirty Money played and every fucking thing kicked off, it was the craziest show I've seen!! Loadsa people were moving for our set too, which was great! Playing the Underworld, in London also...It was pretty much our dream to play there. We've all seen so many bands play there, so to play there was amazing!

Vista: What are some of the your influences, band-wise? Where are you guys drawing influence from?

Simon: Going back to the original idea of hardcore meets Black Sabath...Hardcore bands like: Integrity, Ringworm, and Pulling Teeth are massive influences on all of us. Like-wise, Black Sabbath as well...More recently though, we've all been listening to a lot of New Orleans stoner/metal - Down, Crowbar, etc..We just try to mix fast, thrashy style hardcore with big riffs and grooves. Not too many beatdowns. Individually, Sina's big into his punk rock and N.Y. hardcore. Sam's really into old school rock, and a bit of everything really. Chris is straight up hardcore, and I'm into 80's thrash and straight up metal.

Vista: You guys are based in London, England. Give us your thoughts on the hardcore scene in your area. How are shows, clubs, and local bands in your area?

Simon: Yeah, we're based in West London, near Heathrow airport, and while there isn't really a local scene at all, places like London and even Birmingham are just a drive away. Local bands to check out would be: A Long Time Dead, Centurions Ghost, and Here Lies Affliction - all our mates are in those bands. Other bands in the UK we dig are: Brutality Will Prevail, Abolition, NeverXagain, Broken Teeth, and Rot In Hell.

Vista: What are your thoughts on the hardcore scene in America? Any bands that you look at and think are doing something decent? Or do you think most American hardcore bands stink!? Ha!

Simon: We definitely don't think American bands stink...Well, maybe the odd one or two. Haha!! We've been fortunate to play with some wicked American bands like: Ringworm, Madball, Reign Supreme, Pulling Teeth, and Burning Love.

Vista: What are your thoughts on major labels, as opposed to independent labels? Would you guys be into signing to a major label?

Simon: I don't think any of us are opposed to it...We're all really laid back and just havin' fun. Obviously if something came up, then we'd look into it, but for now we aren't thinking like that at all. Just flowing with it, playing shows, and writing new shit. Dead End Records is an independent label, and they were involved with selling our first EP. We got asked to release our next CD on Holy Roar Records, so we're with them for now.

Vista: What are your thoughts on the entire world just downloading every song that has ever existed? Does it bother you or is it, "just the way it is"?

Simon: I think people are just adapting. It used to be tapes, then mini discs, then CD's, and now the internet. There's not a lot anyone can do to be honest. What we hope though, being a small D.I.Y. band, is that people will buy our CD's, and shirts cos' it helps us out. None of us are rich, and we all hold down jobs, even if we hate them...So, it all helps towards gas, equipment and all that.

Vista: Do you guys celebrate "Guy Fawkes Night"? If so, tell us some information on this. Since most American's are morons & have no clue what this is!

Simon: Haha, I don't think anyone does know? I think when we were all younger, we mighta done...Built a fire and set off fireworks, etc.. I remember one time Sam and his mates set off fireworks onto a freeway on Guy Fawkes Night!!!

Vista: What are some goals for Hang The Bastard, if any? What plans do you guys have for the future?

Simon: I'm not sure if we have any goals so to speak. We all love what we're doing, loving the kinda music we're playing, and are just about finished writing the new record. We will be recording in May 2010 and then when the CD is out, just try and do what we always do - play as many shows as possible! Who knows where the band is going long term, at the moment we're just having fun and doing what we love. Although deep down, we'd love to play with Slayer or Metallica one day!

Vista: That's all the questions that I got for ya. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview, I appreciate it. Any final words?

Simon: No worries, thanks for asking us to do it - just check out our Myspace for any news on releases, etc.. The new CD should be out around September 2010, and we'll be touring Europe a bit in the summer. Cheers!!
Simon - HTB

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