Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drowning Room interview with: Sean {Vocalist} -- Karl {Guitarist} -- Greg {Bassist}. 1995.


Vista: Where did you guys get the name, "Drowning Room" from?

Sean: Me and Karl were on the phone when we first started and we couldn't think of a name cause every name we thought of was used -- so I was flipping through some 7's and the Lament 7" popped up and I was like, "how about Drowning Room"? & Karl was like, "yeah", and the other guys liked it, so it stuck.

Vista: What are your thoughts on the music scene in the upstate N.Y. area?

Greg: It's not up here.

Karl: What? Scene. What's that?

Sean: It consists of us, Dissolve & All Out War. The newest to the group of bands coming out of this area is One Nation. The scene is pretty small for such a large area. Everyone {in this area} has got the wrong idea of what hardcore is. One too many Biohazard videos, I guess. It sucks up here because kids don't know what hardcore is about. They won't go to shows unless it's in their own backyard. You can tattoo the lyrics on the inside of their eyelids and they still won't sing along.
It's bad up here. In order for us to go see shows we travel to Connecticut and New York City.

Vista: What areas have you guys played shows so far?

Karl: Long Island, N.Y., Connecticut, New Jersey, Brewster, N.Y., Middletown, N.Y., Poughkeepsie, N.Y..

Sean: I don't think anyone knows we played New Jersey.

Karl: Nobody has a fuckin' clue that we played Jersey.

Vista: How long has Drowning Room been together?

Sean: Almost a year.

Vista: Do you guys have a demo available?

Sean: Yeah, we have a six song demo out now with two old songs and four new ones on it.

Karl: We're pretty happy with that. We just need to get something else out.

Sean: Yeah, we recorded that in April and I kept promising the world that it would be out in April, May, then June...Then it finally came out t the end of July. We have a 7" coming out in the Fall on Trip Machine Laboratories. Chris, from Atlas Shrugged runs that label.

Vista: Describe the style you guys are playing for people who haven't heard you?

Sean: We're definitely along the lines of new-school stuff, but we try to keep it hardcore as far as song structure and keeping songs really short. But we all really dig  metal sound so we try to incorporate that. Basically, it's up to Karl because he writes most of the music.

Vista: Who has been your biggest influences, guitar-wise?

Karl: Kirk Hammet, big time. Metallica 100%. I use to listen to them 24/7...For years! It's mainly them, that's the band that did it. And, Black Sabbath.

Vista: As a band collectively...Who are direct influences to Drowning Room?

Greg: Into Another definitely. Black Sabbath and Bloodlet.

Karl: Outburst. Sick Of It All. Judge.

Sean: As far as vocals...When I scream, I'm just screaming. If it just happens to "sound" like somebody than t sounds like somebody. When I "sing"...I incorporate a lot of Mark Ryan from Supertouch and Eddie from Leeway & Richie from more along the Underdog lines. Into Another is my favorite band, but I really can't sing that good, so. I'm into, The Smiths, The Cranberries, The Sundays. Pretty much any band with "The" in front of it...But not punk bands.

Vista: What is Drowning Room looking to accomplish, as a band?

Sean: We just want to keep making songs that we like. When I start writing songs that we're just not into, just to go through the motions...then it's then time to move on. I don't see that happening anytime soon. I think our songs are getting better & better as we go on. As far as playing music goes, we may have a metal influence and stuff like that but we're a hardcore band. I've been into hardcore forever. I'm gonna love hardcore when I'm 30...I plan on being Anthony from Killing Time...Bald and yelping into a microphone, I don't care, that's what makes me live.

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