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Darasuum interview with vocalist: Gabe. July 31st. 2010.

Darasuum interview with Vocalist, Gabe. July 31, 2010.

Vista: Just the basics, who's in the band &  Who's doin' what? Also, how old are you guys?

Gabe: my name is Gabe and i handle vocals. The others are Daniel - Guitar 1, Chris - drums, Fick - bass and Jordy -Guitar 2. Our ages range from 19 to 27. Daniel being the oldest. he's either 27 or 28, i forget that type of stuff haha.

Vista: Can you give us a brief history of the band? Year started, ex-members, what has been released so far & what's still available?

Gabe: The band started with Daniel and I recording random songs for our own pleasure until he wrote "seasonal friends" and then we just figured we had something good here. So we just just stayed in that direction. So far we have released a 3 song demo that is out of print, a 5 Song EP that also has the demo on there. And we'll be releasing an other 5 song EP that was supposed to be used for a split with our friends from Germay called Still Screaming. But we're going to release the new EP and just record new songs for the split later.

Vista: What was your first introduction to the Punk/Hardcore scene? What bands first caught your attention & how old were you at the time?  

Gabe: My introduction to the punk scene started when i was 12 and saw Total Chaos and The Auqabats at this venue called The Barn. My dad had made friends with the owner Bill and invited us to come to any show, any night for free and so we did. I used to see hardcore bands and make fun of them because the screaming and whatnot. When I saw the bands  Overcome, Shutdown, and Straight Faced, thats when i really was just blown away and decided to go out and find anything hardcore related. I bought Ten Yard Fight's "Back On Track" album and that was just life changing for me. Seeing them with Fastbreak made me want to stay in the hardcore scene and move on from the punk/ska scene. But i was always raised with King Diamond, Violence, Death, Cro-Mags and a whole shit load of 80s metal bands because my dad and uncle were both metal fans and my cousin plays in Armored Saint

Vista: Vocally, who are some of your influences? Who have looked to, early on as a direct influence to you vocally? Also, speak a little bit on behalf of the other guys in the band, as far as their influences?

Vocally I loved Throwdown, Keith era. "Beyond Repair" was just the perfect metal/hardcore album to me. I was edge and that album made me proud. But i've always loved Rick Rodney's [Strife] voice. Raybeez from Warzone and Wrench from Ten Yard Fight, i always loved what they had to stay about certain topics. I'm not sure what the other guys in the band are influenced by. I know Daniel and Fick listened to a lot of the OC Boom bands like 18V, Bleeding Through, Throwdown and Adamantium. I know we all love Hatebreed and Buried Alive. Jordy and Chris are newer members, so i haven't really asked them haha. Jordy plays a lot of Sabbath though.

Vista: Hands down...Best Metal band EVER? Just one!?

Gabe: aw man, this is a tough one. King Diamond/Mercyful Fate fucking rules man. I always tell people "read the lyrics on 'Don't Break The Oath' and see if you don't get nightmares". That album creeped me the fuck out when i was younger haha.

Vista: What are your thoughts on the entire world downloading music off the internet? Are you a guy that is for it or against it? Is it just the way it is? Does it piss you of that potentially some kid from Bumfuck Idaho can just click a button and have all your music for free?

Gabe: As a downloader myself, I'm for it, because i feel that i should be able to sample an entire album out. I'm not going to buy an album because 1 song had a catchy hook, you know. I also hate jewel cases these days. So a lot of albums for me aren't worth the buy. If bands put in more effort releasing digipack type stuff or gatefold shit, i'd be more interested in buying. I want to feel like i'm getting my moneys worth. We released our EP in a gatefold, silkscreened cover and we still have a link on our myspace to download our albums for free. I just want our music out in the world. EVERYONE knows that there's no money to be made from CDs anyway. There's only merch and guarantees that are going to pay the bills. The internet isn't going anywhere, so downloading isn't going to stop. I accept that and maybe the rest of the world should too.

Vista:  I was checking out some pictures on your site and saw a picture of you with a Michael Jackson shirt on. So, what's the best M.J. song ever? Also, when did the King Of Pop enter your life?

Gabe: I can't just pick one so my favorite songs from Michael are "Dear Michael", "We're Almost There" and "Man In The Mirror". I can listen to those 3 all day, and i literally listen to MJ everyday. He entered my life when i was like 5 or something. I used to watch Moonwalker a lot, usually follwed by Children of the Corn.

Vista: "Darasuum"..Where the frig did this name come from? What it a concern that uneducated, ignorant Americans {such as myself!} can not pronounce the band name? Does this band name connect and/or tie into any theme for the band, or is it just a name?

Gabe: Its mandolorian and comes from a Star Wars book. Daniel and me were trying to pick a band name after a practice and we didn't want a corny ass name and nothing sounded original. So Daniel had the book and suggested one name but that was even harder to pronounce so i looked and i found Darasuum, it meant "eternal" and we thought it was a simple one-word name but i guess to most they can't spell it or say it right. On our myspace it says how to pronounce it. Da-rah-soom.  But Daniel is a HUGE Star Wars nerd. The rest of us like Star Wars but Daniel builds outfits and shit and is apart of the 501st.

Vista: Pretend there is no crappy internet. Now pick 5 words that would describe your band/style?

Gabe: Pissed. Aggressive.  Passionate. Metallic.  Hardcore. Daniel hates the word "metallic". Fun fact.

Vista: What's going on these days in Riverside, California these days? Where are Hardcore shows taking place & what bands should we keep an eye out for?

Gabe: The scene here isn't that great. Once upon a time we had a GREAT scene but when our venues shut down everyone disappeared and did their own things. We have a couple of places to find shows but you can always see the same 20 people there. It seems like the scene doesn't grow here. Bands to keep an eye out for? We love Xibalba. They're just heavy as fuck. Disembodied type stuff. Don't confuse them with the black metal band from Brazil thoguh. The new Oblige album HAS to blow minds away and if it doesn't then everyone is a fool. Their new album is definitely the most original heavy shit i've heard in a REALLY long time. They're still using 6 string guitars and creating a heaviness of an 8 string. I can't think of any others that really blow me away. But keep an eye out for the new Oblige for sure.

Vista: What are some goals and achievements you'd like to accomplish with the band? Think back to when you first formed, were the goals any different now that time has gone on? Was it just to do a demo & play on the weekends or was the goal to take this shit to the mutha fuckin' limits!? Haha, sorry for swearing!

Gabe: The original plan was to just try and get big locally. But you can only get so far by playing local shows. So I guess the initial goal has changed and i'd like to take this as far as it could go. My main goal is to play anywhere overseas. After i succeed that, i'd be happy to end it all. But i'm sure we'd keep going because we do have fun doing this and there's no rush to grow up just yet.

Vista: I was checking out some of the artwork on your site. There are two that caught my attention. One has a painting of an "Eye". And the other painting has the same type of "Eye" but some dude that looks like a Black-Metal nut! Who did these pieces of art & what's the "Eye" all about? Who's the Black-Metal guy & is he about to burn a Church!?

Gabe: The eye was created by this guy Eric Marshall. He sent me it one day and i lost my mind over it. I had so many ideas on how to use it and push it for the band and he just gave it to us for free. He's a great guy and i plan to get more work from him. The black metal picture, i made that in photoshop. Its actually a girl that was holding a skull and i just replaced it with the Eye and just grunged it up and thats what was created. I love black metal. Not the Dimmu, Cradle, Behemoth mainstream type shit so much these days, but i am a fan of black metal and am always searching deeper underground for the next best thing. Right now i'm really digging Thou and Arkhon Infaustus, if anyone cares haha. There's no real meaning behind the eye, it just looked evil as fuck.

Vista: Have you guys been in any other bands prior to Darasuum?

Gabe: Chris played in xDeathstarx and The Great Commission. Daniel played in Sinai Beach for a couple tours and then they broke up. Fick, Daniel and I played in a straight edge band called xBound in Bloodx and thats really where our friendship blossomed from. Jordy and Fick played in a band called Time For Change that were a good 90s style hardcore band. Fick and Daniel played in too many bands really haha.

Vista: Outside of the band what are some of your interests & hobbies?

Gabe: Daniel builds Star Wars outfits and waits around for Comicon and Marches to come around. He also loves going to Disneyland with his wife a lot. I work then i come home and stay home with my daschunds. I never go out anymore. Sometimes i'll check a show out, but there's not really many good ones anymore. And i am always looking for Beatle vinyls. I don't know what anyone else does outside of their jobs. Chris has a solo project that is like Dashboard/Spill Canvas type stuff. Jordy has an ambient band called Wunami. Fick, all i know is that he works and he's looking for a new place to book shows since his last place went to shit.

Vista: What are your top 10 bands/albums of all-time? It doesn't matter what genre of music, just your top 10 essential albums to get ya through life!?

Gabe: Michael Jackson "Stripped Mixes". Ten Yard Fight "Back On Track". Nirvana "In Utero". Warzone "Fight for justice". Throwdown "Beyond Prepare". Buried Alive "Death to your perfect world". Hatebreed "Satisfaction.." of course! The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour". Fall Silent "Six Years in the Desert", and Sigur Ros "()". Again, these can change from time to time, but these albums will definitely pump me up!

Vista: Have you guys done any type of touring? Are there any plans to tour or are you guys waiting for Slayer to bring you out on tour once old man Tom Arya heals up from back surgery?

Gabe: I believe he's recovered now. I know he's trying to build a strap that won't make his bass weigh down on his back so much. We haven't done any type of touring just yet. We have some shit lined up in December though. We're just trying to play it smart and not dig ourselves a hole so soon in the game. I'd love to hit the road but we need to gain some kind of hype or following first. We want to make sure that we can tour and not come back so broke or in debt like our previous bands had done. If Slayer offered us though, i think i'd deny because thats not our audience at all and i wouldn't want to play to a thousand people that just want to see Slayer. Its a waste of time for both parties haha.

Vista: As far as writing songs are concerned, how do you guys go about it? Is there some type of formula as far as lyrics first then music? How does it work for you guys? Also, who are the main contributors for the music & lyrics?

Gabe: Its usually music then lyrics. Daniel writes pretty much all the guitars and drums. He'll have a song in his head, program drums, record guitars and then send it my way. I'll record a skeleton of vocals and we'll rearrange those around to our liking. Daniel is really picky about how shit should sound/be. it gets frustrating but it usually works out for the better.

Vista: Lyrically, what are some topics you are touching on?

Gabe: I touch on pretty much anything that is bothering my brain. Mostly failed friendships. We have songs about drug abuse and personal life shit, but i mainly get a million thoughts about how past friends i feel have done me wrong.

Vista: Which band member is the biggest pain in the ass in the recording studio? Don't worry, he won't get mad!? Ha!

Gabe: Daniel! He's a perfectionist. Wants everything perfect, wants things always changed but again, it always works out in the end. He's one of my best friends. This band is our baby, so we'll yell, kick and scream at each other but the shit will always get done for the better.

Vista: Gabe, thanks a lot for your time. I appreciate it. Is there anything else you'd like to say? Also, what is the best way to get in touch with you guys?

Gabe: First, THANK YOU for doing this with us. I know there's a lot of bands out there that you could have spent time on and i appreciate that you took the time to do this tinterview. Second, download our shit and pass it around to anyone you feel would be into it. The best way to reach us, I wish i could go with the flow and say "Facebook us" but thats the worse way to get to us. We always check our myspace and if people still use email, REMEMBER 2 U's and 1 M! Take care!

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