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Caliban interview with vocalist Andreas. February 2010.

Vista: Can you give us some information on your most recent release, "Say Hello To Tragedy"? Also, wher was it recorded, any concepts or themes within the lyrics? Who did the artwork for the album cover?

Andreas: The record was recorded in three different studios, in Germany. We recorded the drums, guitars, bass & vocals all separately...It was great working like that, because everyone could concentrate 100% on his part, no distractions. The record is about tragedies, at least most of it. "24" for example, is about a real case which happened a while ago, in Austria...This man kept his daughter for 24 years in the cellar, abused and raped her. Totally sick story. The artwork is from, Basti Besti, the singer of Callejon, a German metal band...He has been working for us for quite a while now and we like his style. He's a very good artist, I would say.

Vista: I know Caliban has literally toured all over the world. What country has been the best? Also, where haven't you toured, that you would like to?

Andreas: I can't tell which country, because every country has something special...I like it everywhere. We've never been to Iceland for example, that would be nice.

Vista: You guys have been a band since 1997 & have 10 albums out. I see that Caliban are now on the Century Media record label. How did that come about? Also, how is Century Media compared to your former label, Roadrunner records?

Andreas: We had a deal with Roadrunner since 2003 and we released three records on Roadrunner, but they changed their label policies...So we had to split. We were looking for a new label and we had some who were interested, but we thought that Century Media would be the right choice. We already knew some of the Century Media people. We worked with then before and they made us a good offer & their office is next to our hometown. Plus, we're back on the same label with Heaven Shall Burn.

Vista: I didn't realize that Caliban was on tour, in America during the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. That must have been insane for you guys? From your memory & perspective, what was going through your mind at this time? Did you guys continue to tour through the U.S.A. during this time period?

Andreas: It was a dream...We played a show the day before and stayed at a friends house and sometime pretty early the next morning, he woke us up and turned the t.v. on...My first thought was, it was a movie trailer for "Die Hard", until I realized what was going on...And then I was in shock, it was not real...The next moment, I called my parents because they were freaking out...The tour was canceled and we stayed for a week at the friends house...It felt very strange to go to the airport.

Vista: I think Caliban has a very distinct sound. I also think you guys were one of the first bands to mix the styles that you do. What bands inspired Caliban?

Andreas: I think it's not just bands you're inspired from, but at the time we started making music, we listened to bands like: Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Unbroken, Machine Head, Slayer, Turmoil, At The Gates, Metallica...So it was pretty much metal & hardcore bands. 

Vista: How many tours has Caliban done in America & what places do you like the most here?

Andreas: I prefer the West Coast. The shows are the best and the weather is always great! I really like San Francisco...I think we've been to the United States seven times, but I'm not sure.

Vista: I saw that Caliban did a lengthy tour of Europe with an awesome, classic metal band, Kreator! How was that? How many shows was that tour?

Andreas: That tour was special. Let's put it this way, Kreator fans are not really Caliban fans. Whatever, the tour was good. The tour was almost two months, a long tour...We had to beat down some Nazi's because they thought because we are German's, we are Nazi's and they wouldn't stop.

Vista: I saw somewhere that Caliban did something at a horror convention in Europe? What was that all about?

Andreas: We were invited to the convention to do an autograph signing session. W e had a good time.

Vista: I know Caiban has toured with many diverse bands such as: Slayer, Machine Head, Pantera and Kreator. Which one was your personal favorite?

Andreas: The best tour in my eyes was the Machine Head tour and the In Flames tour.

Vista: Caliban has been around now for 13 years. What keeps you guys going after all these years? Does the band allow you to at least pay your bills or do you have to work side jobs while not on tour? Also, Caliban has been on some really big record labels, what has been the effect with illegal downloading off computers?

Andreas: Music is our life and we love to make music and play shows. We can live alright. we're not rich but we can pay our bills. People don't buy many cd's anymore, so it's getting harder and harder for bands to do what they do. Someday, there won't be cd's anymore, just downloads and that's fuckin' sad!

Vista: As I've stated before, Caliban has been around for many years. What is your opinion on kids who only download your albums & don't purchase your records? Is it something that you stress out about?

Andreas: I don't like it and I don't understand it. I like to have something in my hands, a cd, a booklet. I mean it's not just the music a band makes, it's also the artwork, but people nowadays don't appreciate this anymore but as long as they come to our shows, it's fine with me.

Vista: What are your thoughts on people who say that Caliban leans too much towards the melodic side? I've also heard people say that Caliban has a very "American" sound. What's your take on this?

Andreas: We like melodies but I think that our records, especially the last two are more heavy than melodic. We try to keep our music interesting, so we use a good mix of  mosh, metal riffing, and melodies. I couldn't tell how we sound and I won't...That's up to our fans.

Vista: Outside of the band, what are your interests and hobbies?

Andreas: I have a family, so I try to spend all my free time with them, but I know the other guys like to party!

Vista: When Caliban started, did you ever think you'd still be doing this after all these years? Also, if Caliban weren't a band anymore, what would you be doing career or job-wise?

Andreas: Nope. None of us thought that we would do this for as long as we have and make a living from this, like we do now. We dreamed of it, so it's like a dream come true. I don't know? I used to work as a printer but nowadays, I'd like to own a coffee shop or something like that.

Vista: Assuming that you own an ipod, what were the last 5 bands you loaded into it? Also, what are your top 5 bands/records of all-time? It doesn't matter if it's punk, metal, disco, rock...Just give us your personal top 5 of all-time?

Andreas: The last 5 bands on my ipod:
The Architects~Hollow Crown.
Incubus~Make Yourself.
The Mars Volta~Frances The Mute.

My all-time favorites:
Machine Head~Burn My Eyes.
Depeche Mode~Violator.
Coheed & Cambria~The Second Stage Turnbine Blade.

Vista: If Caliban ended today...What's your biggest accomplishment, band-wise?

Andreas: Traveling the whole world. Sharing the stage with so many of my favorite bands.

Vista: I'm sure through the years, you've seen a million crappy trends come & go and come back again! What has been the most annoying trend in hardcore/metalcore, EVER?

Andreas: I can;t tell, cause I never cared about trends but I can say that I don't like the comeback of the 80's that much.

Vista: Well, that's all the questions that I have for you. Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Andreas: No problem. I want to thank you for the interview as well. Thanks to the readers for your interest. Hope it wasn't too boring! Stay metal and stay true. If you want to know more about Caliban, we just formed a fanclub which is called, "Vicious Circle". If you like us, then join us. More information is on our page, or on Myspace and Facebook. Later dudes.

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