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Burning Love {ex-Cursed, Left For Dead, Swarm} interview with, Guitarist: Andrus Meret and Vocalist :Chris Colohan. April 26th, 2010.

Vista: Hello. Can you please, introduce yourself & also, just basic stuff...What is the current line-up & who does what?

Andrus: I'm Andrus and I play guitar in Burning Love. Dave O'Connor plays bass, Pat Marshall plays guitar, Chris Colohan sings and Hands Lannaman plays the drums.

Vista: Can you give us a brief history of the band? How did you all come together & form the band?

Andrus: About two and a half years ago, Chris was looking to start another band and asked Dave if he wanted to do something. The rest of us were playing in a band called Our Father with Dave at the time so we figured it would be easier to merge the two bands since we'd been playing in alot of different bands together for a couple years and were comfortable writing songs with each other.

Vista: I'm not sure about everyone from the band, but I know your singer was in Cursed...I'm wondering, what other bands {if any} were you guys in? Also, I know Cursed was a pretty big, well known band. Have there been any annoying expectations or just some type of pressure this current project? How long have you guys been a band?

Andrus: Chris has played in a shit ton of bands over the years, Dave and Pat played in a band called Vatican Chainsaw Massacre, and Hands and I played in a band called Rackshot for a short time. I could probably fill a page with the number of bands that we've all played in, but none of them are really worth mentioning. As for the Cursed thing, I think that when we started up there was an expectation that Burning Love would sound similar to Cursed and when it didn't some people were bummed out. I think people are warming up to it now though. Its not as nihilistic or antisocial as Cursed was, but its still pissed off and there's still that energy there. We're just having more fun with it.

Vista: "Burning Love"? Where did this name came from? It clearly could be an emo/screamo/guy-liner make-up band name. Clearly & thankfully...This isn't the case, at all. Also, this is an Elvis Presley song...For all you youngsters out there. Is there an Elvis connection here?

Chris: Yeah, it's definitely more the Elvis angle, although I do like to keep in touch with my screamotions.

Vista: What are some themes or lyrical topics {if any} that Burning Love touches on? One that note, what is the song..."Miserable Sound" about, lyrically?

Chris: Miserable Sound is about modern music that forces people into inexpressive shells that use cynicism as a cure-all defense against being on the spot or looking stupid because you feel or care about anything. In night-life circles it's especially prevalent, and I hate the vibe in a room of junior cokeheads perfecting their American Apparel faces out of the sheer fear of sticking their necks out for something real or personal.

Vista: What are some goals for this band?  I know "goals" seem like an annoying thing to even put onto yourself, as a band...But are there any? Where or what are you guys looking to do, besides the obvious...Have fun, write songs, play live.

Andrus: Have fun, write songs, play live, and make boatloads of money (see below).

Vista: What are some of your influences, musically? Also, lyrically...Are they coming from a more personal point of view or political...Or just a bunch of random screaming? Ha!

Andrus: Musically we all have very different backgrounds and we never consciously channeled our influences into this band so its hard to say. I think that everything you're exposed to influences you even if its something you don't like, and its hard to decphyer exactly which influences are predominant until you look back years later and put everything into perspective. That being said, Slade is the shit. Quiet Riot sucks. Mama weer all crazee now.

Vista: Tell us a bit about the hardcore/punk scene up in Ontario, Canada? Is there a big scene going on up there, where are shows put on & what bands are doing stuff, that we should check out? Also, any good fanzines up there?

Andrus: The scene in Ontario is pretty solid. Here in Toronto, we've got alot of bands who have been in the scene for a long time like Fucked Up, Brutal Knights and Career Suicide, but we've also got alot of good younger bands coming out. Molested Youth is a band definitely worth checking out. They're awesome and most of them are barely legal. 

Vista: I see that you guys are on Deranged Records. Does someone from the band do that label? Either way, can you tell us about the label?

Andrus: Deranged is run by Gord Dufresne out of British Columbia. He's been doing it since the late 90's and has put out some really good records including bands like Vicious Cycle and Wolfbrigade. Gord is a really good guy to work with and there's no bullshit involved. We write and record and he releases it.

Vista: What has been released, so far from Burning Love? I think that I saw that you guys have a new record coming out? As of the Spring/2010...Just give us all the information on what has been released & what is coming out in the future?

Andrus: We recorded a five song demo, one of the songs being a Battalion of Saints cover that came out on cassette on Nerve Hold, a 7" in the UK on Thirty Days of Night and a domestic version on Deranged. We've also got a single from our LP "Songs for Burning Lovers" out on Deranged. Our LP should be out before we leave for tour in June with Coliseum, as well as a 5" split with Rot in Hell that I think is coming out on a label in the UK.

Vista: What's your take on the current hardcore scene? Is it full of bullshit or is it thriving? Or is this question that is more like...Same shit different decade! Ha! Really though, times sure have changed through the years, where bands make boatloads of money & have friggin' buses...Full size buses, and travel around and talk how "hard" they are. I'm just wondering, what's your take on the scene, as a whole?

Chris: The scene is full of bullshit and it's thriving. It's always had both sides of that coin going on at once, you take the good with the bad. I think there's a ton of great bands right now. There are just as many kids that are productive and sincere as there are bullshit wallpaper ones. I wish we were hard enough for boatloads of money and a full sized bus. We're working on a good van right now, are we half-hard? Like a chubby? 

Vista: I was looking at the cover art of the Burning Love 7inch for "Don't Ever Change". Who's shirt is that? Also, what buttons are on that shirt? The 7inch is called, "Don't Ever Change". What does that mean...the shirt?

Chris: Yeah, that's my shirt. I didn't change it for years and it fell to pieces. I wanted to memorialize it before it's just a ball of threads. Kept me safe from crazies in all corners of the world, especially as it got more ratty.The buttons on it are Costa (road side UK/Europe coffee place), Society Suckers fanzine and some They Live anti-bar code pin from a corner store. The shirt relates to the song Don't Ever Change because it is old comfortable and familiar but falling apart, and I have to let it go. 

Vista: What was your first introduction to hardcore? I ask this question a lot, but I think it's so interesting. What hardcore or punk band really grabbed your attention & how old were you when you got into the scene? Also, what was your first hardcore/punk show?

Chris: That'll be different for us all. For me it would have been early Chokehold. I was 15 or 16 and it was late 1990 when I started going to shows in Hamilton where I grew up. My first hardcore related "show" was half a Battle of the Bands at a club on Hamilton mountain that's been gone for many years with Chokehold, Crumble, Cause, 4Story4Head, the Misunderstood and a bunch of bands from my high school. First show I played was summer of 92 in the basement of a bowling alley.

Andrus: When I was 13 I started listening to bands like Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror and Spazz before I knew that it was punk or hardcore or whatever you'd label it as. I used to think I hated punk, I knew nothing about the scene or the bands in it and considered the bands I did like metal. I honestly can't remember the first punk show I went to or the first show I played but it's probably pretty embarrassing anyways, so all the better.

Vista: Outside of the band, what are some of your interests & hobbies?

Andrus: Pat collects votive candles with his name on them. He's got three already.

Vista: As a guitarist, who are you influences? How old were you when you started playing? Also, what was the first song you ever learned on guitar?

Andrus: I started playing when I was 7. My dad showed me a lot of good old staples like Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and Tony Iommi so I grew up with those guys as major influences. As for punk guitarists, I can't think of anyone specific who really influenced me in that respect. I definitely take a little bit from anybody who interests me enough but it's not a conscious thing, it just kind of happens. First song I can remember learning? A Turtles song but I can't remember which one. 

Vista: Well. That's all the questions that I have for you. Thanks a lot for doing this interview. It means a lot to me. Best of everything! Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Andrus: Just open your mouth and close your eyes.

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