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Aspire interview with Guitarist: Addrian Jafaritabar. July 25, 2010.

Vista: Hey Addrian. Can you give us the basics, who's in the band & who does what?
Addrian: Michael Boyd - vocals
             Chris Cruz - guitar
             Addrian Jafaritabar - guitar
             Kyle McCoy - bass
             Blake Wright - drums
Vista: Tell us the history of the band? Year started, ex-members, what has been released so far & what's still available, etc.?
Addrian: We started in January of 2010. All members are founding members. We have released a 3 song demo entitled "Past Present Future", and a 5 song EP entitled "Sinking". Both are still available.
Vista: The only recording I've heard from you guys is the "Past.Present.Future." cd. Honestly, It's one of the best cd's I've heard in a long time. Where was this cd recorded & tell us some of the lyrical content? They are obviously very personal lyrics. Who wrote them & give us some thoughts on the title itself? Also, is there a new cd out?
Addrian: Haha thank you very much! We're all incredibly proud of that release. That demo was recorded by Chris Ryan at Dead City Sounds in Houston, TX. The idea behind Past Present Future was to paint a picture of our collective childhoods. Past represents growing up under any number of negative circumstances; this specific one being, moving constantly and never having the opportunity to grow fully in one place. Present represents finally finding solid ground and being able to actually stay in one place. But also while you're there, developing your own ideals, thoughts, and beliefs and making a conscience decision of what you want to do with them. Future represents us finding all of our strongest beliefs and sticking to them through thick and thin. All of the lyrics from "Past Present Future" were written by Michael and Kyle. We do have a new 5 song EP entitled "Sinking".

Vista: "Aspire"...Where did this name come from & does it tie into the band at all, or is it just a name? What other bands names were you guys throwing around before settling on Aspire, if any?
Addrian: I came up with the name Aspire. It essentially comes from a band motto, if you will. When there is an absence of aspirations, there is an absence of growth. When there is an absence of growth, there is an absence of purpose. Before this name we hadn't really had much luck as far as naming the band goes. It was all just random silly stuff.
Vista: Have any of you guys been in any other bands prior to Aspire?
Addrian: Michael and Kyle have been in Take Your Stand, We Were Falcons, and The Old Republic. I was in The Golden Age.

Vista: You guys just completed a tour {Summer 2010} that covered a large part of the America. What were some highlights, who else was on tour with you guys & how many shows did you guys do?

Addrian: Haha okay. First of all, 3 days into tour our guitarist Chris got his face painted like a juggalo, stole some jeans from a mall, and got caught. He was arrested, put in jail for 4 days, and had to go home on a bus. Steven, Dead Lines guitarist, learned all of our songs so that he could fill in. He played one show with us and then decided to bomb a hill on a skateboard and broke his arm. He then also took a bus home. From then on I was the only guitarist for both bands. The best show of tour was Chicopee, MA. Those kids were really awesome and hospitable. The show was huge and afterward one of the kids' parents bought us a hotel room! The show in Kansas City, MO was really fun. It was a basement show and there was a stage dive contest off the PA speakers. It was pretty nuts. We toured with another band from Corpus Christi called: Dead Lines. We played 11 shows.
Vista: What was your first exposure to Hardcore/Punk? How old were you & what were the first couple of bands that really grabbed your attention? Also, what was the first Hardcore show you ever attended & where was that?
Addrian: My first exposure to hardcore was at a venue called Equal Eyez. It closed down a long time ago but I used to go to shows there all the time. I was about 13 at the time. The first band that really made an impact on me was a band called The Contender. They were a really good straight edge vegan hardcore band from Corpus Christi. Actually the first show I ever went to wasn't even a hardcore show. My first show was The Mad Caddies and Throw Rag at The Executive Surf Club.
Vista: What are some goals or achievements that you'd like to achieve with Aspire? Was it just to play a couple of shows & get a cd out, or are there some other levels you'd like to see the band go to?
Addrian: I would love to see this band go somewhere but what I primarily want to do is inspire people. Essentially, I want to be to some kid what The Contender was to me, you know?
Vista: Tell us what is going on in the local scene? What bands should we check out & where are shows taking place? Clubs, living rooms, legion halls? Is the scene strong down there?
Addrian: You should definitely check out Dead Lines and Darker Days. Both are really good hard working bands. Shows mostly happen at this venue that just opened up a few months ago called TFC Studios. The scene is pretty solid down here. It's been really awesome the past year or so. The kids down here are really supportive. 

Vista: What is the writing process like for you guys? I mean, do you guys have a set formula as far as music first, then lyrics? Which members are main contributors to the music, as well as the lyrics? 

Addrian: We generally write the music first, then lay lyrics down on that. I write the majority of the music but everyone's contribution is just as valid and necessary. Kyle, Michael, and I have all written lyrics.
Vista: As a guitarist, who are your main influences? Your style reminds me a bit similar to Have Heart? But, to me cause I am old, your style band-wise reminds me of an old band from the East Coast called: Strength 691. Are you at all familiar with this band? If not, check them out. That being said, you guys also sound influenced by early 90's So-Cal bands? Thoughts?
Addrian: Haha thanks man. That's a huge compliment. I do draw a lot of influence from Have Heart as well as Verse, Sinking Ships, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, Trial... I could go on for days. I haven't heard of Strength 691 but I will definitely check them out! Haha I've never been told that we remind someone of early 90's stuff but right on. I don't really see it, but I love the 90's, so thanks man!
Vista: What are your top 5 bands/albums of all-time? It doesn't matter what genre...Rock, Metal, Disco, Rap...Just 5 that ya love the most!?
Addrian: Bands: Verse. This Will Destroy You. Bright Eyes. Saves The Day. Have Heart. Kid Cudi. The Black Dahlia Murder.
Albums: From Anger and Rage - Verse, Aggression - Verse, Fevers and Mirrors - Bright Eyes, Stay What You Are - Saves The Day, Man On The Moon - Kid Cudi, Nocturnal - The Black Dahlia Murder. I know that's more than 5 but whatever. These are some essentials.
Vista: Last 5 bands you put onto your  Ipod, what were the last 5 bands you've loaded into it?
            Brace War. 
           Crime In Stereo's new album. 
           Touche Amore.
           Wolf Whistle.

Vista: Is there still the "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign? When I was on tour in the year 2000, as we went into Texas, that all I saw. I heard that saying long before I ever went to Texas & thought it meant that people from Texas will kick your ass, for no reason at all! Haha. I was kinda let down when I found out it meant, Don't Litter! Here in N.Y., we don't have a saying like that...Maybe we should cause this State is a garbage hole! 

Addrian: Haha honestly man I have no idea. I hope so. Littering is terrible.

Vista: It's Saturday, you don't have any band practice or shows...What are you most likely doing?
Addrian: Watching Lost or The Office. Playing disc golf or frisbee. Swimming. Playing Super Nintendo.

Vista: Speak a little bit on behalf of the other guys in the band...Who are some of their influences musically?
           Sinking Ships.
           Have Heart.
           Brand New.
           Bright Eyes.
           The Misfits.
           The Mountain Goats.

Vista: Addrian. Thanks so much for taking the time  to do this interview. I appreciate it. Is there anything else you'd like to say? Also, let us know, what's the best way to get in touch with the band? 
Addrian: Thank you John! The best way to get a hold of us is via email or myspace. Suck It Nation rules!

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