Wednesday, February 15, 2012

** Vista Fanzine ** What, When & Why?

Originally a cut & paste fanzine. Vista fanzine began in the mid 90's {1995 to be exact} to be a vehicle to bring exposure to bands that I love the most. In a time era when tape, scissors & the local photo copier center was the rule of the day. My hope is that now bringing Vista Fanzine to the internet, all these interviews will be accessible to anyone & everyone. I must admit that I would without a doubt prefer an actual, "hand-held" fanzine. I'm from the time era when it was an absolute thrill to go to a hardcore show & have some random kid outside or inside a show selling his {or her} zine. It was great to read interviews & read about political and/or personal views on the world we live in. So, with a heavy heart {insert heavy *sigh* here}...I now have become computerized. I hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I have enjoyed doing them. Vista Fanzine continues on and I am still doing one of the things in life that I love the most - interviewing bands that I feel deserve attention and a voice in interview form. There is a lot of hardcore/punk history here and with current bands still keeping our music scene alive & well, it is clear that so much more history is to come. And here it will remain, until our end of days. Hugs & Kisses-
           John Vista* February 14th. 2011. 
Any questions about these interviews & other zines I am currently involved with, or if you just want to say "Hello"...You can find me on Facebook at this email address


Paul Thorstenson said...
Way to go, dude! just had dinner with Jay from Robots/Living Laser. We talked about what a real dude you are. Keep it up, man!

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